Since cannabis legalization happened 6 months ago, the Black Market has been majorly affected… but not in the way most government officials and Canadian residents thought it would be.

Nobody expected the illegal distribution of weed to disappear completely, but the assumption was that there would at least be a decline in illegal sales.

The thought process was that if purchasing weed became legal, who would ever opt for the sketchy route and not buy their bud from a licensed producer or retailer?

It’s been over 6 months since legalization laws were passed in Canada, and the Black Market is stronger than ever. One of the goals of legalization was to put a dent in the illegal selling and purchasing of weed, so why is just the opposite happening?

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High Government Prices are a Major Turnoff

A source at CTV News says that “the unweighted average price of a legal gram of dried cannabis is $9.99 per gram, compared with the average illicit price of $6.37 per gram – a price gap that appears to be widening.”

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This price difference is huge, especially if you’re wanting to purchase dried flower by the ounce or pound.

Whether you smoke for fun or medical benefits, the price tag makes a huge difference. Overpriced government weed is the main reason that the Black Market is alive and kicking.

The Government Can’t Keep Up with Demand

Let’s face it, Canadians smoke a lot of weed. Apparently a lot more than the government realized since suppliers across the country can’t seem to keep up with the demand for cannabis.

Retail and online government stores have experienced shortages from the very first day of legalization. So even if Canadians wanted to take the proper legal route for buying weed, some of them never even got the chance.

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Get started on your medical grow license today!

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No Medical History Required

Everyone Approved

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The Quality of Legal Bud is So-So

The quality of legal bud has actually gotten lower since the early days of the Cannabis Act. Don’t get us wrong, some retailers offer primo products and keep only the best strains on hand.

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The main problem is that the insanely high demand means that the gov is allowing more people to become licensed producers.

Not all of these producers have the same standards when it comes to growing, so some of the strains lining retail shelves aren’t all that.

Legalization Still Has A Long Way to Go

The government still has some work to do before legalization is officially completed. For instance, they are still working on establishing the regulations for cannabis edibles.  

If you want to chow down on an edible but don’t have a medical prescription, the only way to eat your weed is illegally unless you plan on growing. Black Market distributors have no problem selling you a THC cookie or CBD lolly.

Taxes, Need We Say More?

Technically we’ve already covered the outrageous price of legal weed, but we haven’t even mentioned the taxes you’ll be required to pay.

The government is considering making changes to the tax policy, but currently Canadians are being taxed $1 per gram or 10% of the retail price.

In addition to that $9.99 per gram we mentioned before, you’ll pay an extra dollar in taxes for every gram you purchase. It makes sense that weed users are trying to save some loonies by turning to the Black Market instead.

There’s a Solution…

You might feel torn between buying legal weed that is a bit overpriced and taking the risk to make an illegal purchase. Luckily, there’s a solution where you aren’t required to choose between these two less-than-ideal options.

Anyone is eligible to apply for a Health Canada ACMPR grow license – getting the personal use production license is not that difficult.

The hardest part is filling out the ACMPR forms and finding a doctor to write the prescription you’re hoping for. That’s where Cannabis Growing Canada can help.

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