If you are from Alberta, you are probably wondering what the Alberta Cannabis Rules are.

Even though weed is now legal everywhere in Canada, each province differs slightly on its laws for using, buying, and growing.

Check out everything you need to know about the Alberta cannabis rules and what to look out for when you travel here.

Also check out this article,  to see how things work on a federal level: Everything you need to know about the Cannabis act in Canada,.

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Who can smoke weed in Alberta?

Unlike some provinces, the minimum age for buying and consuming weed in Alberta is 18 (instead of 19). This is the same as the legal age for drinking and tobacco use.

Anyone 18 or older can legally enjoy a nice big joint before bed, and can even grow four recreational plants.

The main point of the Alberta cannabis rules is to keep young Canadians from accessing marijuana.

Where can you legally buy weed?

Alberta Cannabis Rules

If you live in Alberta or are stopping in for a visit, you can legally buy your weed from two sources.

Soon privately-owned retail stores will be open all over the province, but you also have the option to hop on your phone or computer and buy it online.

The online store is operated by the AGLC and follows standards to make sure kids and teens can’t get weed.

When you purchase your weed through retail stores or the online shop, keep in mind you’ll only be allowed to purchase 30 grams at one time.

This is also the maximum amount you’ll be allowed to have with you in public.   

Is growing weed in Alberta legal?

Just like the majority of the Canadian provinces, Albertans will be able to grow four plants in each household.

If you privately own your home and want to grow some plants you can start growing right away.

If you rent your place, however, you’ll have to get permission from the landlord or building owner first.

When you do start growing, make sure you purchase your seeds from a licensed cannabis retailer that has been approved by the government.

As always, we are here to help you grow more than 4 plants. Contact us to learn how to get a medical grow license for up to 480 plants!

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    Any other Alberta cannabis rules you should know about?

    Cannabis and driving

    Alberta cannabis rules prohibit drug-impaired driving of any kind, and this includes getting behind the wheel after smoking a joint.

    Driving under the influence not only puts yourself in danger but also others on the road.

    Police officers are being trained more thoroughly on how to detect cannabis users and changes to impaired driving laws are being made, so don’t risk it if you’ve been smoking.

    Cannabis and the workplace

    Another major no-no is going to work high. Sure, there are jobs where your boss might not care, but just be aware that drug-impairment not only affects your productivity but can be unsafe.

    The government is expecting to add some more rules and regulations on this once they’ve seen how legalization affects workplace environments.

    All you need to know is that an employer has the right to fire you if you come to work high, so just

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