Any ACMPR grower will tell you that the most difficult aspect of the ACMPR licensing process is finding a medical marijuana clinic or a Canna Clinic.

Not just finding one, but finding one that will prescribe you the number of grams per day you’re hoping for is the real challenge.

What many doctors don’t realize is that medical patients often need a high prescription amount in order to thoroughly treat a condition.

This is especially true for patients who prefer to juice their cannabis plants or transform them into potent extracts. 

Finding a clinic or doctor that’s willing to work with you doesn’t actually need to be that difficult.

When you partner with Cannabis Growing Canada, all the hard work is done for you. 

You no longer need to spend countless hours searching for a clinic to prescribe you with a high grams per day amount. We’ve got you covered. 

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    A Medical Marijuana Clinic That Understands the Need for High Plant Counts

    It’s common for a cannabis clinic to question the need for hundreds of cannabis plants for personal use. But the team at Cannabis Growing Canada understands the need for high plant counts better than anyone.

    The founder of CGC battled with debilitating back pain for years, receiving prescriptions for a multitude of pain killers from licensed physicians.

    Nothing seemed to do the trick…until he started regularly using cannabis as a treatment method

    In order to treat the pain effectively while also going about his normal day-to-day operations, he decided to steer away from smoking.

    Juicing his medical marijuana seemed like a better alternative.

    As you might already know, juicing medical cannabis – or juicing anything, really – requires a lot of starting material. You need a pile of crystally buds just to produce a tiny amount of juice. 

    The same physicians who didn’t even bat an eye when prescribing harmful pain killers were unwilling to prescribe more than a few grams per day of medical marijuana.

    A few grams is not nearly enough for many individuals, especially if juicing is on the agenda.

    medical marijuana services

    Unfortunately, many healthcare practitioners don’t understand that medical marijuana is actually a miracle drug that has the ability to treat trauma, anxiety, insomnia, pain…the list goes on. 

    And if a doctor or NP is actually willing to write a medical marijuana prescription, most of them assume that patients should never need more than 7 to 10 grams per day. 

    But if you’re juicing your plants, or even if you simply need to smoke a lot to treat your condition, this grams-per-day amount is not nearly enough. A prescription amount of 50, 70, or even 95 grams per day is more fitting.

    This is why Cannabis Growing Canada has made a point to only partner with compassionate healthcare practitioners who are willing to prescribe high RX amounts. 

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    Get started on your medical grow license today!

    Step 1: Enter your email to book your ACMPR license appointment today
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    Why Invest in Cannabis Growing Canada Medical Marijuana Services

    No matter the medical marijuana services you’re in need of, it’s important to find one that is 100% legit. Tons of ACMPR consulting services make claims and promises without actually following through. 

    This isn’t the case at Cannabis Growing Canada. One of our promises is that you’ll be guaranteed approval from Health Canada. We’ve had 100% success rates when it comes to delivering on that promise. 

    The other promise we can make to you is that our medical marijuana clinic partners will actually prescribe you the amount you’re in need of. 

    It doesn’t matter if you need an RX for 5 grams per day or 95 grams per day, here at CGC, we can get it for you. Our doctors and practitioners understand that you know your own medical needs best. 

    In other words, they won’t try and tell you that 5 grams per day should suffice for your specific case of anxiety or insomnia. They won’t try to convince you that you’re out of your mind if you think that 95 grams per day is what you need. 

    Instead, they’ll listen to what you have to say with no judgment involved whatsoever. As long as your condition seems legit, CGC doctors have no problem prescribing up to 95 grams per day to help you get the plant counts you’re hoping for.

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      Guaranteed Approval from CGC’s Marijuana Clinic Is Easy

      If you’re looking for a marijuana clinic that prescribes high grams per day, look no further. Cannabis Growing Canada currently has several healthcare partners, and each one is willing to prescribe high-grams-per-day prescriptions. 

      We all know what a large medical marijuana prescription means, but let’s recap. The prescription size is a major factor in the plant count calculation. The higher the RX amount, the higher the plant count. 

      Here’s how to get started on guaranteed approval for your ACMPR license to grow medical marijuana. 

      Send Us Some Basic Info

      The very first step is to simply let us know you’re interested. You can do this by filling out one of our contact forms and looking for an immediate response from CGC in your email inbox.

      Chat With a CGC Medical Partner

      This is the part of the process that most potential ACMPR growers dread. Cannabis Growing Canada has made the medical appointment process as pain-free as possible. 

      Through our booking portal, you’ll schedule a time to chat with one of our doctors over WhatsApp. The doctor will already have all of your medical info from a questionnaire you filled out prior to the appointment. Plan on chatting to the doctor for no more than 5 minutes. 

      Fill Out the Official Application

      Once the WhatsApp appointment is over, you can expect the official prescription to arrive in the mail within a week. 

      You’ll need to send this along with a completed ACMPR application to Health Canada headquarters. If you find the application forms confusing in any way, remember that we’re here to help. Just ask. 

      Never Buy from a Medical Marijuana Clinic Again and Start Growing!

      Once you send the application along with the original RX to Health Canada, you’ll have to wait for the official ACMPR license to arrive in the mail. 

      Once it arrives, you can legally start growing and you’ll never have to buy your medical marijuana from an overpriced, overcrowded medical marijuana clinic again. 

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      Is Hiring an ACMPR Medical Marijuana Consulting Service Really Necessary?

      In our years of experience of dealing with the ACMPR, we find that yes, hiring a service like us is completely necessary. 

      If you’re able to get a measly prescription for 2 or 3 grams per day from your local physician, by all means go for it. 

      But, if you’re in need of a medical marijuana clinic that prescribes high grams per day, you’ll need to partner with an ACMPR consulting expert.

      Why the 95 Grams Per Day Limit?

      One of the most common questions asked to CGC is this: why does Cannabis Growing Canada put a 95 gram per day limit on prescription sizes? 

      It’s not just to keep you from growing thousands of beautiful cannabis plants from home. There is a reason that our doctors are very unlikely to prescribe more than 95 grams per day. 

      In our experience, Health Canada is very unlikely to question an application that comes with a double-digit prescription amount. As soon as a prescription reaches the triple digits, like 100 or 125 grams per day, that’s when Health Canada officials start to ask questions. 

      You’ll have trouble finding a medical practitioner that is willing to prescribe more than 95 grams per day. If you do, just tread lightly. Health Canada is less likely to register a triple-digit RX than one that remains in the double digits. 

      We’re not saying that the service isn’t legit, only that it is uncommon for a medical marijuana clinic to write prescriptions in the triple digits. For guaranteed approval with Health Canada, going over 95 grams per day is not recommended.

      Cannabis Growing Canada’s medical marijuana consulting will get you growing in no time! Get started today and fill in your email below.

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