Now that Canadians are able to grow their own recreational plants under the new and improved Cannabis Act, homegrown craft cannabis has become quite the epidemic. These new laws allow for growing marijuana indoors almost everywhere in the country.


Sounds great right? Well it is, but there’s one little hitch that Canadians wish could be solved. The government is only allowing each household to grow 4 plants for recreational purposes. Four plants should be enough for the average Joe who wants to kick back and relax with a joint.


But what about those Canadians who use weed as a medical treatment?


Using medical marijuana to treat anxiety , chronic pain, or cancer symptoms will definitely require more than 4 plants. Luckily there is another option for medical patients, and that is to apply to legally grow your own medical cannabis in Canada.


Not only is it easy, the process can get started as long as you have a valid prescription from a doctor and fill out the proper ACMPR Health Canada forms. Then all you have to do is wait for Health Canada to send your ACMPR license in the mail.


Keep reading to learn about even more reasons to start growing cannabis in Canada for all of your medical needs.


Your plant count will be higher



If you follow recreational laws, you can only grow 4 plants under one roof. With a medical license, your plant count for growing marijuana indoors could be as high as 450 plants! For medical patients using cannabis in juices, smoothies, and infused edibles need a high plant count, and you can’t get much higher than that.


You can choose the types of cannabis you want to grow



This is a huge plus for medical cannabis users who know exactly which strains help their symptoms. You have to keep in mind that not all strains of weed have the same effects. Certain plants are better for treating anxiety, whereas others are better as treatment for ADHD.


With a medical license to grow, you can don’t have to count on the dispensary to have your favorite treatment on hand. You can just grow your favorite strains at home.


You no longer need to make trips to a medical cannabis clinic



If you’re wondering how to start a legal grow op in Canada, maybe your main goal is to avoid overpriced and understocked cannabis dispensaries. We all know that Canadians like to smoke, so the online government stores and licensed retailers typically run out of stock.


An excellent way to begin is to check out various seed banks that deliver to your doorstep. You can Buy Cannabis Seeds here.


This is especially true for the popular strains; the popular strains are usually the ones that have the most medical marijuana benefits associated with them. Once you obtain your legal medical license for growing cannabis in Canada, you can say goodbye to those annoying dispensaries forever.


Growing weed could turn into a lifelong passion



Believe it or not, growing weed can actually be fun! Don’t be surprised if you actually start caring for your plants and worrying about their wellbeing. Many growers claim that what started out as an occasional hobby eventually turned into a lifelong passion.