One of Canada’s eastern provinces, New Brunswick is jam-packed with fun things to do.

There are national and provincial parks, cascading waterfalls, whitewater rapids, and plenty of historical sites.

But most importantly? There is now legal recreational cannabis throughout the province!

Before you visit popular attractions around the province like Hopewell Rocks, Reversing Falls, and Fundy National Park roll up a nice fat joint.

The Canadian government recently legalized weed around the nation, giving your more reason to live in or travel to the beautiful New Brunswick.

Also check out Everything you need to know about the Cannabis act in Canada, to see how things work on a federal level.

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How old do you have to be to legally smoke weed?

The legal age for purchasing and consuming weed in New Brunswick is 19, same goes for the drinking age.

Anyone under this age will be fined or faced with criminal charges if caught smoking weed and sellers will be severely punished by law if caught selling to minors.

Be sure to always have your ID on you when you buy your weed; you won’t even be allowed through reception without having your ID checked to make sure you’re of age.

Are you allowed to smoke in public or just at home?

The New Brunswick cannabis laws prohibit public use and even smoking in vehicles.

So get cozy at home with your joint if you’re wanting to smoke.

If you don’t own your home, check with the property owner first to make sure they’re cool with it.

Places like motels, hotels, and campgrounds also have the right to prohibit it, but some will be considered designated smoking spots if they decide to allow it on the premises.

Where can you legally purchase weed according to NB cannabis rules?

New Brunswick Cannabis Rules

The only place to legally buy your weed in New Brunswick is through Cannabis NB, a subsidiary of New Brunswick Liquor Corporation.

The online store is called Cannabis NB (it is not yet up-and-running but will be soon) so you can have your weed delivered right to your doorstep.

Keep in mind you can only order from the New Brunswick online store if you are in the province, so don’t try to order from Cannabis NB if you live in Newfoundland.

What are the possession laws in New Brunswick?

Just like the rest of Canada, anyone buying weed can only purchase 30 grams at one time, and only this amount can be on you when you’re in public.

This doesn’t apply to the weed in your house though, you can have as much as you want!

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Is growing your own weed permitted?

Yes! Residents of NB can legally grow their own recreational plants.

You can only have four plants per household – not per person in your home.

There are certain specifications for growing indoors vs. outdoors.

If you grow inside you need to keep your plants in a locked separate growing space – not in the common area.

If you have a medical license you can both grow more and have fewer restrictions. We can help you grow up to 490 plants legally! Find out more;

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