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An ACMPR license allows you to grow medical cannabis in your own home
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What makes Cannabis Growing Canada different then the other guys

  • Real Health Canada Doctors. Do not trust low cost services that use nurse practitioners. This is not legal and you are risking your licence.
  • Everyone approved. If you think you don't qualify, we will find a way to get your grow license!
  • Fast service. Have your Health Canada personal production prescription in as little as 3 days!
  • Our doctors understand growing. Clones, mothers, test crops, breeding affects how many plants you need. This is why prescribe up to 450 plants.
  • 4 plants are not enough! We can easily approve anyone for a high plant count medical licence.
  • No judgment by staff, doctors, or anyone! Ask us anything, we WILL help you.

How It Works

Get your Health Canada legal grow license in 4 easy steps

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We will then book your appointment with a compassionate doctor. He will review our recommendations, and prescribe the appropriate grams per day for your Health Canada personal production license.

Mail Your Documents

After your doctors call, we mail you your prescription. After receiving your prescription, fill out a simple Health Canada ACMPR grow license application and mail it in.

Receive Your Licence

Once processed by Health Canada, you will be mailed a physical, legal licence to grow medical marijuana in Canada.


Here are just a few of our most common ACMPR license frequently asked questions
  • Is this legal?

    Yes! With our expertise, we can assist you in navigating through the otherwise complicated and confusing Health Canada ACMPR license program.

  • How many plants will I be allowed to grow?

    Many things are taken into account including your current usage and illness, among other factors. Our doctors are open minded and understand the difficulties in growing, which requires a high plant count for your Health Canada legal grow license.

  • Will I be able grow outdoors?

    You will be allowed to grow strictly indoors, strictly outdoors, or both. *Keep in mind that outdoor plant limits are lower* For more info on this check out our recent article How to get an ACMPR License to grow

  • How can I get started with clones and/or seeds?

    There are several Licenced Producers that can supply you with starting material as well as cannabis while you’re waiting on your first crop.

  • I still have more questions?

    If you have anymore questions please contact us