Figuring out the exact amount of plants you’re legally allowed to grow with an ACMPR license can be confusing. Luckily, using an ACMPR calculator makes it simple.

Before we get into the specifics on using this helpful tool, let’s quickly cover the basics of Health Canada plant counts. 

The amount of plants an ACMPR license holder can legally grow depends on a few things. The main factor has to do with the medical document you’ve been written. 

A medical grower with a 95 grams per day prescription can grow way more plants than someone with an RX for only 7 grams per day. The greater the prescription size, the higher the plant count. 

The grow location is another factor, like whether you plan on growing indoors or outdoors. We’ll talk more about this later on.

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    How to Use the ACMPR Calculator

    Using the ACMPR calculator gives you the exact number of plants allowed by your ACMPR license. This number varies significantly from grower to grower depending on the factors mentioned above. 

    To use the calculation tool, you’ll need a few pieces of information. The first is your exact prescription size.

    On the ACMPR calculator, you’ll see the phrase “Daily Grams Allowed”. This is where you’ll input the number of grams prescribed by your healthcare practitioner. Be sure to put the exact amount since even 1 gram per day makes a difference in the plant count. 

    Next, you’ll need to provide info on where you intend to grow: Indoor, Outdoor, or a combination of the two (Indoor and Outdoor). 

    Then, just click the “Calculate” button. You’ll be given three separate numbers. The first is for the amount of indoor plants allowed, the second is for outdoor plants. 

    If you’ve selected that you only want to grow indoors, the number next to “Outdoor Plants” will read 0. If you’ve chosen to only grow outdoors, the number following “Indoor Plants” will be displayed as 0. 

    Although the calculator found on the Health Canada site shows a storage limit with each plant count calculation, the CGC calculator does not. 

    This is because there has been changes to the Health Canada regulations. New laws state that there is no storage limit for medical growers. You can disregard the storage limit altogether. 

    Here Is the ACMPR Plant Calculator

    Here you can find the ACMPR plant calculator brought to you by Cannabis Growing Canada. 

    To use our ACMPR calculator, just follow the steps above to see how many plants you can grow with your ACMPR license. 


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    How Do You Get Your ACMPR License?

    Before you even need to use the ACMPR calculator, the first step is to apply for the ACMPR license to grow. 

    Whether you’re applying for the first time, renewing a license, or switching from MMPR to ACMPR, just follow the steps below. 

    Send Us Your Info

    Before anything else, contact us to let us know you’re interested in becoming an ACMPR grower. We just ask you to send us your name, email, and a quick message. 

    You’ll receive a message from us immediately, so check your email inbox for the next steps. This email will contain everything you need to know, so read it carefully. 

    Enter your info below to get started right away and start legally growing more plants

      Receive Your Medical Document

      The next step requires you to fill out a short medical questionnaire and then schedule an appointment with one of our Health Canada practitioners. 

      You’ll be written a prescription on the spot for a certain amount of grams per day. This depends on what you want, not what our doctors think you need.

      Here at CGC, we don’t require our cannabis patients to provide any form of medical history. It is up to you on the amount of grams per day you think you need; our doctors are here to listen rather than judge. 

      Complete the Application Forms

      Next, it’s time to fill out the application forms required by Health Canada. These can be tricky, which is why we’re here to help you out. 

      Government officials are veryyyyy particular about this application. One tiny mistake could set you back months and months. 

      Take your time, check everything a few times, and don’t be afraid to ask us for help when completing the ACMPR application forms.  

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      Get started on your medical grow license today!

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      Use the ACMPR Calculator and Start Growing

      Once Health Canada has registered you as a medical grower, you can use the ACMPR calculator above and start growing. 

      Your official plant count will be listed on your registration form, but you can always refer to this handy tool to double check. 

      If you are caught with even one plant over your allowed limit, local law enforcement agents aren’t likely to just let it slide. You won’t just have one plant confiscated, but all of them. 

      For this reason, it’s important to always keep plant count limits in mind.

      Is ACMPR Greenhouse Growing Considered Indoor or Outdoor?

      This is one of the most common questions that Cannabis Growing Canada gets from ACMPR and soon-to-be ACMPR growers. 

      Growers all around Canada are confused on this, mainly because there is no official definition of “greenhouse growing” set in place by the government. 

      Generally speaking, Health Canada considers an indoor structure to be located within a permanent building that contains a roof and 4 walls. 

      ACMPR plant calculator

      For greenhouse gardening to be considered indoors, it must be a solid walled-in structure that can be used all year round. This means that even in the dead of winter, the climate within the greenhouse is comfortable and safe. 

      If you plan on growing within a greenhouse, we strongly urge you to call Health Canada beforehand. You can describe your greenhouse structure to a government official and get an official verdict on whether the structure can be considered an indoor grow location. 

      Can You Grow Both Indoors and Outdoors at the Same Time?

      The short answer is no. If you have a split license Health Canada does not permit both indoor and outdoor growing at the same time. 

      You can of course grow outdoor all summer, and indoor all winter.

      If you want to take advantage of the outdoor growing season but know you won’t be able to grow outside all year long, there’s a solution. 

      Health Canada makes it possible for ACMPR license holders to grow both indoors and outdoors. When you fill out your ACMPR application, you’ll see three different options for where you intend to grow: 

      1. Indoor
      2. Outdoor
      3. Indoor and Outdoor

      There will be a box next to each one, so just tick the box for the grow location you want. If you want to grow both inside and outside, then check the box next to “Indoor and Outdoor”. 

      To figure out how many indoor and how many outdoor cannabis plants you can grow, just use the plant calculator. 

      You’ll use the number of grams per day prescribed by your doctor. For our patients, that number ranges from 7 to 95. 

      On the calculator, type in your amount of “Daily Grams Authorized” and then select the “Type of Grow”. 

      When you choose “Indoor and Outdoor” as your type of grow, there will be separate numbers generated for your allowed indoor plants and your allowed outdoor plants. 

      Someone with a 7g daily gram allowance will be allowed 26 indoor plants and 7 outdoor plants. Someone with a 95 grams/day license can grow 347 indoor plants and 91 outdoor plants. 

      Using the ACMPR calculator before you even start the application process is a great way to get the ball rolling. When you have a solid understanding of how many plants you’ll be allowed to grow, you can start planning for your ACMPR grow op early on. 

      Start growing today! We guarantee your approval and have a 100% success rate. Enter your info below and be Canada’s next medical grower.

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