With the Cannabis Act officially in place, more Canadians are starting to grow their own weed plants and asking themselves how many plants can a medical patient grow in Canada.

The new recreational laws allow for 4 plants per household in only some provinces.

Medical patients on the other hand have essentially no limits when it comes to plant counts.

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In this article we will discuss the following topics related to how many plants a medical patient can grow in Canada:

  • Why the 4 plant recreational limit is useless
  • The solution for medical patients
  • ACMPR plant counts for a medical patient growing in Canada
  • How are plant counts determined for medical patients?
  • The difference between indoor vs outdoor plant counts
  • How to grow up to 463 medical marijuana plants in Canada

Why the 4 Plant Recreational Limit is Useless

Legally being able to grow 4 plants at home might seem like a sweet deal at first.

It will quickly become obvious that even just 4 plants requires time, effort, and an investment.

how many plants can a medical patient grow in Canada
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After your first crop has been harvested, you’ll realize it’s not worth your time and money to grow only 4 plants.

If you have tons of questions and concerns about growing your own cannabis, 4 plants probably isn’t worth it for you.

To make the growing process worth your while the plant count needs to be much higher.

Four plants just doesn’t cut it for medical patients who use weed to treat anxiety, ADHD, or another serious condition.  

This is especially true if you’re juicing your buds or making cannabis-infused edibles.

The Solution for Medical Patients

Medical patients require regular use of cannabis on a daily basis, so the low 4 plant limit is useless to them.

For Canadians wondering how to grow medical cannabis, there’s an easy way to solve the 4-plant problem.

how to grow medical cannabis

All you have to do is apply for an ACMPR license to grow or renew your existing license.

We’ll get into the details on how many plants a legal medical grow license allows in Canada and how to get started below.

How Many Plants Can a Medical Patient Grow in Canada with an ACMPR license?

The amount of plants a medical patient can grow with a valid license is essentially unlimited.

Technically this is true, but there are few factors that put a cap on your medical grow license.

You have to keep in mind that Health Canada would never approve a licence for an “infinite” plant count, so a limit is necessary.

How are Plant Counts Determined for Medical Patients?

The main determining factor is the prescription you receive from your medical doctor.

Your plant count directly relates to the amount of grams your doctor prescribes you per day.

The higher the gram amount, the higher the plant count.

Indoor Plant Counts vs Outdoor Plant Counts

The number of plants you’re allowed with a medical license to grow also depends on where you plan on growing.

Health Canada allows for more indoor plants since these tend to be much smaller in size than outdoor plants.

greenhouse weed plants

When you apply, you’ll be required to check a box for whether you plan on growing indoors, outdoors, or a combination of the two.

In addition to your prescription size, this will help determine your number of plants.

Below you can find the exact breakdown of plant counts for indoor, outdoor, and combination growing.

Breakdown of indoor plant counts depending on prescription size

  • 10 grams = 49 plants
  • 30 grams = 146 plants
  • 50 grams = 244 plants
  • 80 grams = 390 plants
  • 95 grams = 463  plants

Breakdown of outdoor plant counts

  • 10 grams = 19 plants
  • 30 grams = 57 plants
  • 50 grams = 95 plants
  • 80 grams = 152 plants
  • 95 grams = 181 plants

Breakdown of indoor & outdoor plant counts

  • 10 grams = 37 indoor plants and 10 outdoor plants
  • 30 grams = 110 indoor plants and 29 outdoor plants
  • 50 grams = 183 indoor plants and 48 outdoor plants
  • 80 grams = 292 indoor plants and 76 outdoor plants
  • 95 grams = 347 indoor plants and 91 outdoor plants

Growing a combination of both indoor and outdoor plants allows you to take advantage of the warm weather growing season.

The perk of applying for an indoor/outdoor combo is that you won’t have to stop growing during the cold Canadian winter months.

Why is 95 Grams per day the Limit at Cannabis Growing Canada

Our doctors at Cannabis Growing Canada cap off prescriptions at 95 grams per day.

We have found that Health Canada responds well to 95 gram prescriptions and lower.

These applications have faster turnaround times compared to applications higher than 95 grams per day.

How to Grow up to 463 Medical Marijuana Plants in Canada

There are four main steps for receiving your medical licence to grow cannabis in Canada.

Growing weed in Canada

Here’s what they are:

1. Submit Your Information

First you’ll need to submit some basic info about yourself to Cannabis Growing Canada.

Once this is done we will give you everything you need to know about applying and set you up with a doctor.

2. Skype with a Doctor

Finding a compassionate and experienced doctor is half the battle.

With us, the work will be done for you. We’ll schedule your appointment that is done via Skype and takes no longer than 5 minutes.

No matter what your medical condition is, you’ll have a say in how many grams per day you are prescribed.

Our doctors actually listen, and if 95 grams/day is what you’re hoping for that’s what you’ll get.

3. Mail Your Documents

Shortly after your appointment you will receive the Doctor’s prescription in the mail.

You’ll mail this in along with the required Health Canada forms.

Remember to specify whether you plan on growing indoors, outdoors, or a combination of the two.

4. Receive Your License

This is the fun part! Once Health Canada has processed your application, you’ll receive your official Health Canada legal grow license in the mail.

This puts you in the clear to start growing up to 463 medical plants at home.

Can I grow my own medical plants?

Just follow our steps on how to grow medical marijuana and you’ll be growing your own medical plants in no time.

Even if you have never had a medical cannabis prescription in the past, that won’t stop you from growing your own medical plants.

There are so many reasons to start growing your own medical marijuana, and we can help you with the entire process.

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