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  1. Hello, i have a criminal offense for “dui” in 2004. I had applied for a record suspension in July of 2019. I am expecting to get clearance in the next few months of this year. I am eligible to apply and obtain a amcpr license? I have a medical condition. Need help please and thanks

    • Yes! This mainly affects those who want to be a designated grower for others. If you want to be a personal medical grower, Health Canada will ask that you “attest” you haven’t been convicted of a cannabis related offence in the last 10 years. The key word here is “attest”, they are asking you to be honest, in reality they only know what you tell them.

    • There is no definition of ‘greenhouse’, or ‘indoor’ or ‘outdoor’, in the Cannabis Regulations. Generally, Health Canada considers indoors to be located within a building with a roof and walled structure built for permanent use.

  2. If I have an ACMPR for 49 indoor plants, is my wife still allowed to grow four plants outside under the general provisions of the cannabis act

    • You can have four licenses at one address. Two would be for residents of that address, and they would each be a designated grower for someone else.
      As an example, a husband and wife both get a personal license to grow. Then, their 2 adult chidden get a prescription and designate one of each of their parents. This works for friends as well, none of the prescription holders need to live at the address.

  3. Thankyou for clarifying that for me . Just one more question if you don’t mind . I have two tenants wanting to grow for medicinal use . I’m also a tenant of the same property . Can I acquire a prescription and licence to grow for my self also or would I have to designate one of the tenants to grow for me . Or is this not allowed at all ?

  4. Can an indoor and outdoor mixed license be done simultaneously for example can I have 29 outside and 110 inside at the same time with the mixed license or do the indoor need to be taken down while outdoor are out?

  5. You are suggesting getting a license but not informing of municipal bylaws. This is straining relationship between neighbours when it is taken to court and budget for municipality. Check bylaws before getting into this

    • Municipal bylaws do not apply to ACMPR license holders. That would go against the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms by denying reasonable access to your medicine you need.

  6. I need someone to call me, so I can explan my paper work I got or my medical document, that I got. I don’t spell or explan what i need by writing it, could someone call me.

  7. i have arthritis and would like to grow my own and try it out as I hear it helps so many people but I cannot afford the meds without growing the plants myself. Can i still get a licence to grow even though I dont use the stuff at the present time.

  8. If I have two ACMPR licences – one for myself and one for a friend who has designated me to grow for him – what costs can I legally recoup from him without being considered a seller? I’m not talking profit, as I’m assuming that will put me into the seller category. I’m thinking costs associated with growing.Utility, equipment, testing, labour? Thanks!

    • HI AJ, thats more of a question for Health Canada. We aren’t family with the specific of recoiupling costs from a DG, but they are experts and will know for sure. We can however help you guys with your next licenses!

  9. Hello, Why would someone need 95 grams or over 400 plants for personal use?
    just trying to figure out why someone would need that much weed per day if we can’t sell it or share it?

  10. Is a non-citizen allowed to grow 4 plants of non-medical cannabis (status: one officially protected person under the refugee act and one tourist who are preparing their application for permanent residency)?
    And for the future after receiving PR: Is a non-citizen with PR allowed to get a medical prescription (or even without PR status?)?
    Can a permanent resident apply for a cannabis license to sell?
    Thank you in advance :)

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