When you first see that the paperwork for the ACMPR application is 11 pages in total, you might feel like Health Canada is trying to rain on your weed-growing parade.

But don’t worry, we have created this guide to help make sure you are approved.

Before we get started, please note that you need to have a special ACMPR prescription from a medical doctor (not a nurse practitioner) in order to apply. Please use the form below if you need help getting your prescription. If you have your prescription already, keep reading.

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Download the ACMPR Application Forms Here

Here are the forms, we suggest right clicking on the blue link below and selecting to open in a new window, or using the black button to download the ACMPR application forms directly.

2019 Updated Forms:

If you plan to grow yourself:

Download: Personal_Production_Form

If you plan to designate someone to grow for you:

Download: Designated_Production_Form

If you already have your cannabis for medical purposes prescription, follow the directions below after downloading the form to have a much higher chance of being approved the first time.

Application Process Made Easy

The Health Canada ACMPR application forms are broken down into 3 basic sections:

  • The applicant’s information
  • Annex A
  • Annex B

Here’s what you need to know about completing each section.

Applicant’s Information

The first section is broken down into 6 categories.

Application Type

You’ll see a box asking for your MCR Registration Number. If this is your first time applying to grow medical marijuana, you would check “New” and leave the MCR number blank.

What is the MCR registration number

Fill in your MCR number if you are already registered with Health Canada and submitting an ACMPR renewal. If you’re renewing your grow license, you can find your MCR at the top of your Health Canada Registration Certificate.

You’ll see an “Amendment” section right beneath this. This only applies if you’ve already registered with Health Canada but need to change some info on your current registration.

How to Amend ACMPR

Changes to your address, desired plant count, or growing location would fall under the Amendment category.

Applicant’s Information

This section requires all of your personal information, be sure to write your full name as last, first, and middle. Date of birth should be written as year-month-day. Writing DOB in the wrong format is a common mistake, so double check that you’ve done it properly.

ACMPR Application

Next is your ordinary place of residence and mailing address. These do not have to match your production site, or each other. Your residence is where you actually live, and mailing address is where the license should be sent.

Application forms

Responsible Individual’s Information (optional)

Most applicants don’t need to fill out sections 3A and 3B; these are only if another individual is responsible for the person applying. This is not often the case for medical access to cannabis licenses.

Health Canada Growing Forms

Proposed Type of Production of Cannabis

This section is all about how you plan on growing your plants. Are you planning on growing yourself or do you have a designated grower lined up?

There are 2 questions within this section that some applicants find confusing:

“Will you need to obtain starting material (i.e. seeds) from a Licensed Producer?” and “Will you need to obtain an interim supply from a Licensed Producer?”

health canada acmpr forms

Since legalization happened last October, we recommend just answering “No” to these questions. There will be no follow up from Health Canada about it and you can easily get your seeds or an interim supply of weed from other sources.

ACMPR certificate

Get started on your medical grow license today!

Step 1: Enter your email to book your ACMPR license appointment today

Get started on your medical grow license today!

Step 1: Enter your email to book your ACMPR license appointment today

No Medical History Required

Everyone Approved

Low Cost Renewals

Real Health Canada Doctors

No Medical History Required

Everyone Approved

Low Cost Renewals

Real Health Canada Doctors

Authority to Communicate to Canadian Police

There is no info that needs to be filled out in section 5. It is just there to notify you that Health Canada has the authority to communicate to police officials about your registration.

medical purposes regulations acmpr

When you sign in section 6, you’re saying that you agree to this.

Applicant’s Declaration and Signature

All you need to do here is simply sign and date. Be sure to use the same date format as your DOB (year-month-day) and check the box that says the information is correct and complete.

This section is MANDATORY; your application can’t be processed without your signature.

ACMPR Application Annex A

If you checked the box in Section 4 above stating that you plan on producing your own cannabis for medical purposes, Annex A is for you. If this applies to you, you can leave Annex B blank.

There are several subsections within Annex A:

  • A1: Production Site – This is where you specify the exact place you plan on growing, whether it is in your place of residence or somewhere else. You also need to clarify if you own the designated production site or if it is owned by someone else.
health canada medical document
  • A2: Production Site Owner’s Consent – If you answered “Yes” to owning the designated production site, you can skip this section. Anyone who answered “No” needs to get information from the property owner and a signature of consent.
medical marihuana health canada application forms
  • A3: Production Area – Everyone needs to fill this out. The number of plants Health Canada allows depends on this section. In A3 you will check the box of where you plan on growing. You have 3 options: entirely indoors, entirely outdoors, or partly indoors and partly outdoors.
access to cannabis

*This is up to you, but if you want the maximum amount of plants you should select entirely indoors.

  • A4: Storage Site – Here you simply choose where you plan on storing your home-grown cannabis.
legal cannabis
  • A5: Applicant’s Declaration & Signature – Once again you need to sign stating that all of the information you’ve provided is complete and correct. Be sure to tick ALL of the boxes next to each statement.

Annex B

According to ACMPR medical purposes regulations you can designate another person to grow your medical plants. If this is your situation, you’ll have to fill out Annex B instead of Annex A.

If you are designating someone to grow, that person should PERSONALLY fill out Annex B of the Health Canada ACMPR forms. The sections are categorized from B1 to B7 and has one main difference from Annex A.

For personal production, you don’t actually need to submit a police document, just check a box stating that you haven’t been convicted. But designated growers need to provide an official police record.

ACMPR criminal records check

The box saying the document is provided needs to be ticked off. ACTUALLY SEND the police document with the ACMPR application. If it’s not included, the application can’t be processed.

Health Canada ACMPR Forms Wait Times

After you send in your Health Canada Application Forms its hard to say how long you’ll be waiting for your ACMPR license to arrive in the mail.

Health Canada is fairly unpredictable with how long they take to register each applicant; it could be anywhere from 2 weeks to several months. We typically see ACMPR renewals coming back a lot faster than new licenses.

Using the right ACMPR consulting service significantly increases the chances of a speedy turn around with your ACMPR application.

Please enter your information below to receive an automatic reply with our prices and procedures.

Application for Growing Medical Marihuana Health Canada Reminders

Following these helpful reminders when filling out the ACMPR application:

  • Renewals need to fill out the complete form just like new applicants. You will need to provide another medical marijuana growing prescription medical document from your doctor.
  • All application dates should be written as year-month-day.
  • YOU have to send the medical document along with the application; don’t expect your doctor to do it for you.
    • Be wary of a service that says they will send it for you. It’s always a better idea to see the actual RX yourself before sending it to HC for approval.
  • Nurse practitioners are technically allowed to write your prescription, but we advise against this. Always get your prescription from a licensed doctor.

Cannabis Growing Canada can’t make any promises to those that did not use our service. We do however completely guarantee the success of your ACMPR application when you apply through us. Please contact us for more information.

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