Canada has made huge leaps forward in recent months, and everyone is wonder about the Ontario cannabis rules and laws.

After years of talking about legalizing weed, the idea has finally become a reality.

Recreational cannabis is now legal nationwide, and citizens in most (not all) provinces can even grow 4 plants per household.

The laws and regulations are different between the provinces, however, so check out everything you need to know about Ontario cannabis rules before heading there.

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What do the Ontario cannabis rules say about who can legally smoke?

As long as you are 19 or older, you’re in the clear to purchase and smoke weed in Ontario.

Adults can buy and use cannabis, but also grow 4 of their own recreational plants.

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    The main focus of the Ontario cannabis rules is to prevent it from getting in the wrong hands, specifically Canadian youth.

    Where can you buy weed and where can you use it?

    Public places you can use weed

    The laws for where you can use weed are the same for both recreational and medical smokers.

    You can obviously smoke at home, but can also light up in a handful of outdoor public areas as well.

    Feel free to smoke a joint while chilling at the park or walking down the sidewalk.

    There are also certain designated smoking areas, like hotels that specifically allow it, and controlled facilities like long-term care or retirement homes.

    Where you can’t use it

    As far as where you can’t use weed?

    Indoor common areas in public facilities like condos or university dorms, indoor work areas, and anywhere near schools or playgrounds do not allow it.

    Ontario Cannabis Rules

    Before you light up, just think about where you are and you can even ask people around you if smoking is allowed.

    It pretty much comes down to common sense; if it doesn’t seem appropriate to smoke, don’t do it.

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    Where you can legally buy it

    For purchasing weed in Ontario, you have to be sure you’re getting it from a legal source.

    Ontario cannabis rules say that you can get it from the online store – called the Ontario Cannabis Store, OCS for short.

    After its launch, there have been many complaints about delays in shipping, overpriced, and low quality. We always suggest growing your own. Contact us to learn how.

    For now, this is the only legal way to purchase marijuana, but plans are in the works for opening government retail stores in April 2019.

    How much weed can you have on you at one time?

    Possession laws in Ontario are pretty much the same as everywhere else in the country.

    You are allowed to purchase up to 30 grams of weed at one time, and the same goes for possession.

    If you have a medical license to grow your own weed, the possession limits are significantly higher.

    Keep in mind that in public you can get in trouble for having more than this (about an ounce), so don’t plan on going from dispensary to dispensary buying an ounce at each.

    What’s the deal with growing your own plants?

    Having the ability to grow plants is the most exciting part of legalization for some people. For others, they would rather grow more than for plants using the ACMPR program

    Ontario cannabis rules state that each household can have up to four recreational plants.

    So even if you live with four other roommates, there can still only be four plants under your roof. Also, if you rent and don’t own your property, you’ll have to check with your landlord first to get permission.

    Before you start growing, read up on the basics of growing weed at home.

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