The province of Saskatchewan is in the heart of Canada and has so much to offer.

Within the province you’ll find the scenic Prince Albert National Park, Grasslands National Park, and Wascana Centre on the lake.

If weed is your thing, you’ll love exploring these natural wonders after indulging in a joint of the best Canadian weed around.

Now that the Canadian government has legalized recreational marijuana nationwide, you can!

On October 17th weed became legal around the nation, but each province differs in its rules and regulations.

For anyone living in or travelling to Saskatchewan, check out the top four things you need to know about the laws specific to the province.  

Also check out Everything you need to know about the Cannabis act in Canada, to see how things work on a federal level.

Who can legally smoke in Saskatchewan?

If you are 19 or older, you can legally smoke anywhere in Saskatchewan.

Anyone under 19 who is caught smoking or trying to buy weed can face fines or criminal charges.

Anyone selling to minors will face even more severe criminal offenses and could end up in jail.

If you are hoping to purchase some from a retail shop, be sure to have your ID on hand proving you are of legal age.

What are the laws for possession in the province?

How much can you purchase at one time

Just about every province in Canada has the same rules regarding possession and how much you can buy at one time.

Anytime you are in public you can have only 30 grams, which is about one ounce.

The same goes for purchasing marijuana – you won’t be able to buy more than this if you are getting it from a legal source.

How much weed does the Saskatchewan cannabis rules say you can store at home

Just because you can only purchase an ounce at a time, this doesn’t mean you can’t have more than this at home.

Within your residence you can have as much as you like.

So feel free to buy 30 grams a day as long as you properly store it at home!

Saskatchewan Cannabis RulesWhere can you legally purchase weed and where can you smoke it?

The only legal source for buying your weed according to Saskatchewan cannabis rules is through Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority or any retailers who have become licensed through SLGA.

There will be private retail shops but also the option to buy online.

If there are no shops near you, just hop on your computer, order your weed, and voila! It will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Are residents of the province allowed to grow their own plants?

Absolutely! Like most of the country, Saskatchewan residents can legally grow their own plants.

There are of course restrictions set in place; you can only grow four plants for recreational purposes and need a special license through Health Canada if you want to grow for medical reasons.

We can help! We can license you for up to 490 plants, contact us to learn more.

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    If you live in a condo, apartment, or house that is rented be sure to check with your landlord or property owner before you grow.

    Most people will be cool with it, but if it’s not your property you have to check first.

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