Hoping to receive your ACMPR license to grow in Ontario? The process is fairly straightforward, and you can get started immediately. But this does not mean it comes without challenges.

Finding doctors who will prescribe medical marijuana in Ontario is by far the most difficult aspect of the entire process. 

Doctors and nurse practitioners are often unwilling to write medical marijuana prescriptions for the hoped-for amount. Instead, they simply smile and nod as you describe your medical situation. 

Then, once all is said and done, the doc writes a 5 gram/day RX, even though you specifically asked for 75 grams per day. It makes absolutely no sense. 

This exact scenario happens way too much, but Cannabis Growing Canada is here to prevent this from happening to you. 

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    Cannabis Growing Canada Only Partners with Doctors Who Will Prescribe Medical Marijuana in Ontario 

    When Cannabis Growing Canada first got started, our main objective was to partner with doctors who will prescribe medical marijuana in Ontario

    Many of our patients hail from Ontario, and many of them are in need of high plant counts. We all know that the way to receive a high-plant-count license is to receive a high-grams-per-day prescription

    doctors who will prescribe medical marijuana ontario

    This is why CGC has made a point to partner with only compassionate doctors. Not the ones mentioned above who are unwilling to write an RX for more than 5 or 7 grams per day. 

    Our doctors are willing to write scripts for up to 95 grams per day, no matter what. All you have to do is provide us with some basic info on your medical history

    The Most Important Attributes of Medical Marijuana Doctors

    After searching long and hard for medical marijuana doctors, we know all about what to look for in an ACMPR medical professional. 

    The first essential characteristic to look for when searching for Ontario doctors who will prescribe medical marijuana is one we have already mentioned: compassion. 

    If your doctor lacks compassion, it is very unlikely that you will leave your appointment with the grams-per-day amount you were hoping for. 

    medical marihuana health canada doctors

    What Else Does It Take?

    Even if you find a doctor possessing the appropriate amount of compassion, there’s more to it than just that. 

    Look for a medical professional who has experience in the field of medical marijuana. This doesn’t mean that your prescribing doctor needs to be a cannabis grower. 

    Your doctor or NP should, however, know the ins and outs of Ontario cannabis rules, as well as federally-recognized regulations. The best medical marijuana doctors know all about Health Canada’s ACMPR program. 

    The doctor you choose needs to have written medical marijuana prescriptions before. Not only that, but those prescriptions should have been approved by Health Canada with no problems at all. 

    The doctors at CGC write hundreds of scripts each month for our ACMPR applicants. And all of these scripts receive approval from Health Canada officials. 

    Our Process for Meeting with Medical Marihuana Health Canada Doctors

    Here at Cannabis Growing Canada, we fully understand that nobody enjoys meeting with medical marihuana Health Canada doctors

    Some of our patients have gone as far as saying they feel a sense of dread when they have an upcoming appointment with a medical professional. 

    medical marijuana ontario doctors

    We understand that meeting with a doctor or NP and discussing your medical conditions might not be your favorite thing in the world. 

    Which is why we make the process for obtaining a medical marijuana document as simple as possible. It can be completed in just four steps (without visiting a Cannabis clinic).

    Let Us Know You’re Interested 

    Let us know you’re interested by filling out one of our contact forms. We’ll send you a reply instantly, so check your email inbox. 

    Just to be sure that you’re eligible for an ACMPR license to grow, we’ll ask you a few basic questions. Don’t worry, as long as you are over the age of 19, you should be good to go.

    Get started now!

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    Get started on your medical grow license today!

    Step 1: Enter your email to book your ACMPR license appointment today
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    No Medical History Required

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      Complete the Medical History Forms

      After the quick eligibility form, it’s time to dig even deeper into the more extensive medical history forms. These are for the doctor’s eyes only. 

      This set of forms should only take about 10 minutes to complete start to finish. They are completed and filled out entirely online, then sent to our doc as soon as they’ve been submitted.

      Choose an Appointment Date and Time

      Once the forms have been submitted, you’ll be redirected to the Cannabis Growing Canada scheduling portal. 

      You can take a look at our calendar and choose a date and time to speak to the doctor that works for you. 

      Your appointment will be completed over FaceTime or WhatsApp, so be sure to leave the correct phone number during the scheduling process. 

      Meet With One of Our Doctors Who Will Prescribe Medical Marijuana in Ontario 

      Our doctors who will prescribe medical marijuana in Ontario won’t harass you about your medical records

      During your appointment, the CGC medical professional will listen, not judge. As long as it does not exceed 95 grams per day, you’ll be prescribed the amount you were hoping for

      Is it Possible to Find Medical Marijuana Ontario Doctors On My Own?

      This is one of the most common questions asked by hopeful ACMPR growers. The answer is more difficult than just yes or no. 

      Technically speaking, yes, it is possible to find a medical marijuana doctor in Ontario without our help. But the chances of receiving a high-grams-per-day RX from that doctor are slim to none. 

      It is very unlikely that you’ll be able to find a doctor like ours who is willing to prescribe up to 95 grams per day. If you do, consider yourself lucky. Maybe it’s even time to purchase a lotto ticket to test your luck.

      Doctors who prescribe medical marijuana

      It’s Possible, But Unlikely

      Unless you have a personal connection with a doctor or NP, receiving a medical document for 95 grams per day just doesn’t happen. Not unless you have the help of an ACMPR consultant. 

      When you invest in the services offered by an ACMPR consulting company, the cost might seem high at first. 

      But you need to remember that not only are you paying for complete ACMPR support in the application process, but also for the medical connection. 

      Cannabis Growing Canada has been working for years to build up our medical connections. Our team of compassionate medical professionals did not just appear out of thin air. 

      We worked long and hard to assemble the medical team that we have. We fully understand the challenges of finding a trustworthy medical marijuana doctor. 

      This is why we decided to do all the hard work for you. 

      How to Get Started and Start Growing ASAP

      Now that you know the process involved in receiving a medical marijuana prescription, getting started is easy. 

      You could be growing in a matter of weeks if you fill out one of the Cannabis Growing Canada contact forms. 

      We will get you set up with one of our doctors who will prescribe medical marijuana in Ontario – or any province for that matter. You’ll be growing in no time.

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      If you would like to get started on an ACMPR medical license to grow please enter your email below. 

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