Chances are you have heard of a cannabis suppositories before, but the odds of you ever using one aren’t as high.

Using suppositories is an unconventional way of getting your daily dose of the medicine you need.

And when we say unconventional, that is putting things lightly.

What is even more unconventional is that people are starting to use cannabis suppositories to treat common medical conditions.

Maybe you don’t see this as normal, but there has been plenty of proof that marijuana suppositories actually work.

Here’s your questions about cannabis suppositories answered, and what we will cover in this article:

  • What are traditional suppositories and what’s the purpose?
  • What are cannabis-infused suppositories?
  • The benefits of THC/CBD suppositories
  • Specific benefits for women
  • Where to buy weed suppositories
  • Making your own medical marijuana suppositories
  • Are marijuana suppositories right for you?

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What are Traditional Suppositories and Why Use Them?

Consuming your medicine can be done in a few ways – you probably already know this if you use medical marijuana.

To get your daily dose of medicine, you can swallow a pill, inhale a vape, or use a topical cream.

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Another option is to insert a small cone-shaped capsule into your anus or vagina, also known as a suppository.

Once it is inserted, the capsule will dissolve, allowing the medicine to travel throughout the body.

Benefits of Suppositories

Maybe the idea of sticking something up your bum doesn’t sound pleasant, but it is completely painless and delivers fast results.

Some doctors even say that it is more effective than taking pills orally.

suppositories advantages

Fast delivery is a major perk, but another benefit is that suppositories don’t upset your stomach like oral pills can.

Certain oral drugs also break down too quickly in your digestive tract to be effective, but with suppositories this isn’t a problem.

What can traditional suppositories treat?

Medical treatment with suppositories depends entirely on what is inside the capsule.

It is usually in powder or oil form that is easily dissolved by the body.

Here are a few conditions that traditional suppositories have been known to treat:

  • Anxiety
  • Constipation
  • Fever
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Nausea
  • Chronic pain

What are Weed Suppositories?

We all know that medical marijuana can be used to treat chronic pain, anxiety, ADHD, and just about every medical condition in the books.

There are plenty of ways to ingest your medical marijuana, like CBD capsules, gummy bear edibles, and even cannabis suppositories.

CBD properties

A weed suppository is exactly as it sounds; it is a capsule that is inserted into your bum (or vagina for you ladies out there) but inside there is a special kind of medicine: cannabis.

These conical capsules usually contain a mixture of shea, cocoa, or coconut oil and THC/CBD extract.

The reasons for using weed bum pills are similar to taking traditional ones.

They are easy on the stomach, deliver fast results, and there is no risk of wasting your medicine from vomiting.

You also use it in the same way by inserting the suppository into your rectum or vagina.

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The Benefits of THC Suppositories

A lot of people know THC as the cannabis compound that is responsible for getting you high.

This is why a lot of smokers look for recreational marijuana that is high in THC, like Bruce Banner or Ghost Train Haze.

In general it is true that smoking THC gets you high, but there are also tons of medical benefits to using THC.

When you take a THC suppository, you won’t experience the same high as you would when you smoke a THC-heavy strain.

If you want the health benefits of THC without the high, here are 5 ways a THC suppository can help:

  1. Chronic pain treatment
  2. Relief from nausea and appetite loss
  3. Treatment of sleep disorders
  4. PTSD treatment
  5. Muscle relaxation

THC suppositories also have anti-inflammatory properties and can even prevent the growth of cancerous tumors.

The Benefits of CBD Suppositories

Over the years there has been a lot of confusion about CBD, but researchers have gone above and beyond to prove its health benefits.

Especially when you take your CBD in the form of a suppository, the benefits are too many to count.

CBD suppositories have similar health benefits to THC ones.

benefits of cdb suppositories

They can treat anxiety, pain, nausea, and every health problem under the sun.

Most cannabis suppositories on the market are infused with just cannabidiol since there are so many benefits of CBD for health.

Specific Benefits for Women

More women are turning to cannabis suppositories to help with period cramps and other menstrual-related symptoms.

Rather than regular cotton tampons and pads, women around the world are turning to cannabis-infused tampons instead.


A recent study showed that “marijuana tampons” can alleviate extreme period cramps in as little as 20 minutes.

Vaginal weed tablets can even help with lower back problems and completely eliminate the need for painkillers.

Where to Buy Cannabis Suppositories

No matter where you live in Canada you can purchase your CBD oil suppositories from Seedsman.

Cannabis Suppositories

Each package comes with 10 tablets that each contain 50mg CBD each.

Finding CBD suppositories is much easier than finding ones with THC.

If you know that THC suppositories are a better option for you, you can always try to make your own.

Making Your Own

If you’re not keen on the market price of cannabis oil suppositories or prefer ones with THC instead of CBD, making your own might be the best option.

weed pills

Not only is the process fairly simple, but it gives you complete control on what goes in the suppository capsule.

The main thing to keep in mind is to do your math correctly. Here you’ll find exactly how to do that and what cooking tools you’ll need.

Are Cannabis Suppositories Right for You?

If you’re already using medical marijuana or growing medical weed in Canada, then yes!

You have to remember that the treatment will be similar (if not better) when using suppositories instead of smoking, vaping, or eating your weed.

Using a suppository is just a different delivery method, usually one that is faster and more effective.

Not everyone will find suppositories necessary, but if you have trouble swallowing pills or you just really hate smoking, they could be right for you.

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