There are two ways to start legally growing weed in Canada. Either four plants recreationally, or up to 500 plants with a personal use production license Health Canada.

This is also known as a Health Canada ACMPR license, and it allows Canadians to grow medical plants from the comforts of home.

You might be on the fence about this, especially if you think there’s no chance that your ACMPR application will actually be approved by Health Canada.

However, there’s no risk in applying, especially when you take the right steps for guaranteed approval. 

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    Personal Use Production License Health Canada Basics

    The laws regarding growing medical marijuana at home are much different than recreational growing under the Cannabis Act.

    With a personal use production license Health Canada, you can grow hundreds of plants (instead of just 4 plants for recreational growers).

    personal use production license health Canada

    If you’re wondering how to get an ACMPR license to grow marijuana for anxiety or treat your chronic pain, the first step is to receive a prescription from a healthcare practitioner.

    There are a few types of medical professionals who can write cannabis prescriptions, including a nurse practitioner or licensed doctor.

    Once you’ve received your RX, you’ll fill out the ACMPR application.

    Here is where you give all the details, like whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors, the address you plan on growing, and if you are designating someone to grow for you.

    Then you’ll send the application and prescription to the HC headquarters and await your Health Canada personal use production license to arrive in the mail.

    Personal Use Production License from Health Canada in 4 Easy Steps

    When you partner with CGC, you can get your personal use production license from Health Canada in 4 easy steps:

    Step 1. Submit Your Information

    To get the ball rolling, you just need to send some basic information to Cannabis Growing Canada.

    Let us know that you’re interested in obtaining a license to grow medical weed in Canada by submitting your email address on our get a license page.

    You’ll receive an instant reply with all the necessary details to get started. Before your doctor’s appointment is scheduled, we just need a copy of your government-issued ID.  

    Step 2. Speak with a Health Canada Doctor

    All medical cannabis growers of Canada have to meet with a healthcare practitioner for a medical marijuana prescription. With CGC, you won’t even need to leave the house to get this done.

    Medical Marijuana Health Canada

    You’ll schedule a Skype appointment with one of our doctors at your convenience and receive a prescription of up to 95 grams per day.

    The doctor will then send the prescription to your address. You should receive it within 5 to 7 business days.

    Step 3. Mail Your Application

    It is your responsibility to mail your application to Health Canada.

    Try not to trust a service that says they will send the application to Health Canada for you; you should ALWAYS look over everything yourself before sending the finalized paperwork out.

    While you fill out your Health Canada forms, be sure to follow our ACMPR application tips for guaranteed approval.

    Once the forms have been completed, you’ll send them to Health Canada along with the medical marijuana prescription.

    When sending the Health Canada personal use production license application, mail it to:

    Health Canada

    Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Program

    Address Locator: 0302B

    Ottawa, ON K1A 0K9

    Step 4. Receive Your ACMPR License

    Once your application receives approval from Health Canada, you’ll receive your registration certificate in the mail.
    This proves that you can legally produce medical marijuana for personal use.

    Would you like to get your ACMPR license to grow medical weed right away? Enter your email below to receive an auto-reply with all of our options and prices. 

    ACMPR certificate

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    Get started on your medical grow license today!

    Step 1: Enter your email to book your ACMPR license appointment today

    Get started on your medical grow license today!

    Step 1: Enter your email to book your ACMPR license appointment today
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    No Medical History Required

    Everyone Approved

    Low Cost Renewals

    Real Health Canada Doctors

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    No Medical History Required

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    Everyone Approved

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    Low Cost Renewals

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    Real Health Canada Doctors

      How Cannabis Growing Canada Can Guarantee Health Canada Legal Grow License Approval

      Cannabis Growing Canada has a 100% application approval rate from Health Canada.

      We feel so confident in getting you approved for your personal production license in Canada that we even have a money back guarantee.

      Since CGC was founded, we have helped over 1,000 Canadians per year in every province receive personal use production licenses from Health Canada.

      With our help, you won’t have to turn to black market cannabis or overpriced Canadian medical marihuana licensed producers.

      black market cannabis

      There are several reasons for Cannabis Growing Canada’s success in Health Canada application approvals and ACMPR renewals.

      The first is that we only partner with licensed doctors for our patients’ prescriptions.

      In our experience, Health Canada is faster to approve an application with a prescription written by a doctor vs a nurse practitioner.

      CGC also ensures that the applications are filled out properly. It is easy to make a mistake when filling out the 10+ pages of the Health Canada personal use production license forms.

      We will review everything thoroughly to make sure your application isn’t sent back because of an avoidable error.

      How to Find the Best Medical Marijuana Skype Doctors in Canada

      The most challenging aspect of the entire ACMPR application process is finding the right doctor, which you can read more about in this article.

      Not every healthcare professional will prescribe medical marijuana. Even if they do, you might have trouble finding a doctor to prescribe the amount you’re hoping for.

      Your best bet is to find a doctor that is compassionate and one that actually listens.

      Marijuana Skype Doctor Canada

      If you’re applying for your personal use production license Health Canada, chances are you’ve used medical cannabis for quite some time. You know your medical marijuana needs better than anyone.

      The doctors at CGC understand this and are there to listen rather than judge.

      As long as you aren’t looking for more than 95 grams per day – which is equivalent to nearly 500 indoor plants – the CGC doctor will write you the RX you’re hoping for.

      If you choose to find a doctor on your own without our help, it is important to ask these questions first:

      • How long do I have to wait for an appointment? And how long does the appointment take?
      • Are you a licensed doctor or a nurse practitioner?
      • What is the maximum amount of grams per day you are willing to prescribe?
      • What medical records do you require from me?

      At CGC, it is always a doctor and never an NP. The doctor can squeeze you in for a quick 5-10 minute Skype call at the earliest convenience for you.

      You’ll receive your RX in the mail within a week of your appointment.

      No medical records whatsoever are required, even if you’re hoping for the maximum amount of 95 grams per day.

      Why It’s Important to Have a License to Grow Legal Weed in Canada

      Whether you’re planning on growing medical cannabis in Ontario or BC, you’ll need to obtain your personal use production license from Health Canada if you plan on growing more than 4 plants.

      The Cannabis Act in Quebec doesn’t even allow residents of the province to grow recreationally.

      If you’re French Canadian and hoping to grow, you have to obtain a Health Canada license unless you plan on growing illegally.

      And don’t even think about growing in Manitoba without a license.

      Personal production of cannabis without approval from Health Canada is a serious offence in this province, one that the Manitoba government doesn’t take lightly.  

      This doesn’t just apply to Manitoba though. Growing medicinal plants without a license is never a good idea; Canadian authorities are cracking down on illegal growers all over the country.

      Even if you have a legit license, it is extremely important to follow the medical marihuana Health Canada growing regulations.

      Getting your Health Canada license to grow doesn’t just keep growers out of trouble, it brings about a world of freedom.

      You’ll have complete control of the strains you grow, the grow methods you use, and you won’t ever have to visit a dispensary or order weed from a sketchy online dispensary.

      Let’s get started! Enter your email below and we will respond right away with all the info you need to get your personal use production licence from Health Canada.

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