For those of you who have applied for your ACMPR license to grow, there are a few things you need to know before you get started.


Just as there are laws for recreational smokers to abide by, there are also marihuana for medical purposes regulations that need to be followed.


Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations



If you have obtained your personal use production license from Health Canada, there are specific rules that apply to you and your grow op.


Before you start home-growing your strains to treat anxiety or chronic pain, read up on these 3 important marihuana for medical purposes regulations.

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Possession of Cannabis



Unlike the recreational possession limits, regulations on possession for ACMPR grow license holders depend on your prescription size.


The amount of dried cannabis you can possess in public depends entirely on the amount your doctor has prescribed you.


The laws state that you are allowed to carry as much as a 30-day supply of dried cannabis, but no more than 150 grams.


This means that if you’re doctor prescribed you 2 grams per day, you can carry 60 grams in public.


If you have a prescription for 95 grams per day, unfortunately, you’re not allowed to carry 2,850 grams.


Bag of weed in hand


No matter what your prescription states the possession limit is 150 grams.


Remember that if you plan on carrying more than the recreational limits – which is one ounce in most provinces – bring your official ACMPR medical document card with you.


Storage of Cannabis



If you have your license, there are 2 main things to keep in mind in terms of storage:


  1. Number of plants you can grow
  2. Amount of dried cannabis (or equivalent) you can store


Number of plants you can grow



This depends on the daily amount prescribed by your doctor and whether you are growing marijuana indoors, outdoors, or a combination of the two.


You can find a plant count calculator on the Health Canada website to help determine the number of plants you can grow.


To give you a frame of reference, medical patients with 10 grams/day prescriptions can grow 49 indoor plants.


Fifty grams/day license holders can grow 244 indoor plants, and 95 grams/day allows up to 463 indoor plants.


Amount of dried cannabis (or equivalent) you can store



With the new Cannabis Act, there are no longer any limits on how much dried cannabis you can store at home.


Amount of dried cannabis


As long as you store your dried cannabis properly, you can have an unlimited amount of weed at home.


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Get started on your medical grow license today!

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Growing with Multiple Licenses in One Location



If you and several buddies have all received your Health Canada grow licenses, you can grow in the same location.


Four licenses total can be used under one roof.


There are a two marihuana for medical purposes regulations to follow when growing with fellow license holders. Here’s what they are:


  • Each license holder must know which plants and cannabis products belongs to him/her
  • You must keep your plants/products separate from other growers’ plants/products


As long as you follow these rules, you can start your grow operation with 3 of your closest friends.

If you want to find out more more about other Medical Marijuana related laws, make sure to check out our article on MMPR and MMAR in Canada.


How to Become a Medical Marijuana Grower



There are tons of benefits to growing your own weed and getting started is fairly easy.


The first step is getting a valid prescription from a doctor determining your grams of marijuana per day.


Once you have filled out the proper paperwork, you’ll send in your application and wait for approval from Health Canada.


Just remember to follow the appropriate marihuana for medical purposes regulations for your grow operation once you get started!

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