All throughout Canada, the negative stigmas relating to cannabis are starting to disappear. Because of this, finding a medical canna clinic should be easy, right?

It’s actually just the opposite. Finding the right clinic or doctor that is willing to prescribe medical cannabis to patients is more difficult than it has ever been in the past. 

This isn’t because of a lack of choice, but it’s more the fact that there are too many choices. 

There are so many cannabis clinics out there these days touting their own horns as being the best in the biz. 

So how are you supposed to settle on the one that’s best for you? Keep reading to learn the tips and tricks to choosing a medical cannabis clinic in Canada. 

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What to Look for in Your Canna Clinic

The most important aspect of choosing your canna clinic is trust. If you don’t trust a clinic to follow through on its promises, move on to the next best option. 

The concept of trust is an interesting thing in the cannabis industry. As growers, we’re taught not to trust anyone with our grow ops. 

But in this case, trusting a medical clinic with your personal medical information, even information relating to your grow op, is a must. 

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How to Know If a Clinic is Trustworthy

The best way to know if a medical marijuana clinic is trustworthy is to read reviews. If an ACMPR clinic is brand new with zero reviews, move on. 

Unfortunately, even reviews can be misleading these days. Many clinics are writing reviews for themselves or hiring someone to do it for them. 

Try to be wary of fake reviews by reading them carefully. Take notice if a clinic only has raving 5-star reviews… Even the best medical clinics are bound to get an unhappy customer every now and again.

Aside from reading reviews on Google, check out a clinic’s social media presence. A few of the best ACMPR medical services offer guidance through Facebook groups. 

By asking to join the most prevalent Facebook groups for ACMPR growers, it’s easy to gain a lot of insight. Not only about growing and how to avoid legal trouble, but also on choosing the right medical consulting agency. 

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Tips for Choosing a Canna Clinic in Halifax

Halifax has a huge community of ACMPR growers. This is why it’s surprising that finding a canna clinic in Halifax is so difficult. 

The main difficulty for finding a Halifax canna clinic is that many medical professionals licensed in Nova Scotia are still skeptical of medical marijuana. 

Even though nobody is questioning the recreational cannabis rules in Halifax, some doctors and NPs still worry that writing high-grams-per-day amounts to patients will get them in trouble. 

At Cannabis Growing Canada, our team of medical professionals has been writing prescriptions for as high as 95 grams/day for years. Not once has Health Canada ever questioned these high-gram prescriptions. 

This means that your best bet for choosing a cannabis clinic in Halifax is to avoid walk-in clinics in Nova Scotia. Opt for an online clinic instead, like CGC. 

With the right online medical clinic, you won’t have trouble receiving your prescription, even if you’re hoping to grow hundreds of plants.

Canna Clinic Halifax

Tips for Choosing a Canna Clinic in Toronto

Finding a canna clinic in Toronto might just be the most challenging task for medical growers living in the city.

This is mainly because Toronto has so much going on. Walking into a Canadian medical clinic with the intention of leaving with a medical marijuana RX could take hours of your time. 

There are other challenges involved as well, like not receiving the hoped-for prescription size. Once again, these challenges can be avoided by choosing a cannabis clinic that is based online. 

At Cannabis Growing Canada, we believe that patients shouldn’t have to wait to see a doctor. We allow our patients to choose the exact time and date that works for them. Here’s how it works.

Send Us Your Info

Before you can schedule an appointment, let us know that you’re interested. You can send us your name and email through one of our contact forms. We’ll send you everything you need to know about our process. This includes fees, next steps, and what to expect during the application process. 

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    Fill Out Your Forms

    Before you can be seen by one of our medical team, you’ll have to fill out some forms about your medical history and current cannabis habits. 

    These forms are pretty standard, they shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete. Aside from filling out these medical questions, we don’t require any additional medical history. 

    Schedule Your Appointment

    Once your forms are submitted, you’ll be taken directly to the Cannabis Growing Canada scheduling portal. 

    Simply choose a date and time that works for you. Be sure to leave the correct phone number since the appointment will take place over FaceTime or WhatsApp.

    Once you choose an appointment time, you can expect to receive a call from one of the CGC medical professionals at that time. 

    If the medical professional assigned to your case is running behind, you might not receive a phone call at the exact time of your appointment. 

    Just try to be patient. You should receive a call within 30 minutes of your scheduled time slot. 

    Receive Your RX in the Mail from the CGC Canna Clinic

    Once your appointment is completed, the medical professional from the canna clinic at CGC will send the RX in the mail. 

    Many other Canadian cannabis clinics require the patient to be physically present for an appointment in order to receive the RX. Not at CGC. 

    We believe that everyone should have the ability to receive a prescription for medical marijuana, even from the comforts of home. 

    You can expect to receive your official medical document in the mail between 5 and 7 business days after your scheduled appointment. You might even receive it sooner depending on your location in Canada. 

    CGC: The Best Canna Clinic from Vancouver to Toronto

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a Westerner following BC cannabis rules or you were born and bred in Eastern Canada, CGC can get you licensed. The beauty of choosing an online cannabis clinic to receive your medical marijuana prescription is that it can be done from anywhere. 

    Even though our headquarters are located just outside of Ottawa, CGC has helped thousands of Canadians all over the country receive ACMPR licenses. 

    We feel confident in saying that we guarantee approval from Health Canada. Our medical team members have been writing prescriptions for up to 95 grams per day for years with 100% approval rates. 

    How to Get Started at Cannabis Growing Canada

    If you’re ready to make an appointment at the Cannabis Growing Canada canna clinic, just let us know you’re interested. We’ll walk you through the steps from there. 

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