Even though the Cannabis Act has been in place for less than a year, Canadians have been growing their own medical weed for decades.

They have been able to do this with a Health Canada license to grow.

There are tons of perks to growing your own medical weed and applying for an ACMPR license can get you growing in no time.

If you know nothing about Health Canada medical marijuana licenses, you can start learning here.

Keep reading to learn about 5 Health Canada medical marijuana facts you might not have known before.

A Health Canada Medical Marijuana License Allows up to 463 Plants

According to the Cannabis Act, you can now grow 4 plants per household in Canada for recreational use.

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But did you know that a medical license allows you to grow up to 463 plants?

Health Canada Medical Marijuana Facts

That number is much more appealing to medical patients who use cannabis as a treatment method.

There are tons of medical marijuana benefits for all sorts of health problems.

Unfortunately 4 plants isn’t enough to treat those conditions.

Treating anxiety, pain, PTSD, or any other ailment requires regular use of weed and 4 plants just doesn’t cut it.

If you’re wondering about the number of plants you can grow with a medical license, there is a plant count calculator on the Health Canada website.

The number depends on your prescription size and where you plan on growing (indoors, outdoors, or a combo of the two).

Health Canada Medical Marijuana Regulations are the Same in Every Province

Recreational cannabis laws are different from province to province.

For example, you can grow 4 plants at home in Ontario, but growing at home isn’t allowed in neighbouring Quebec.

No matter where you are living in Canada, the laws for medical growers are the same.

Baby cannabis plant

The medical marijuana Alberta rules are the same as the cannabis rules in Nova Scotia.

If you move from one province to another, your medical license to grow is valid no matter what.  

The Cannabis Act Made Some Major Improvements for Canadian Medical Patients

A lot of medical patients were worried about how the Cannabis Act would affect ACMPR licenses.

There was no need to worry, and it turns out that improvements to medical growing were made.

Here are just a few of the improvements that were made to the Health Canada medical marijuana rules:

  • There are more licensed sellers, so you have more options for purchasing medical weed
  • The effective registration date to grow is no longer when the doctor signed your prescription; it is now when Health Canada approves your application
  • There are no storage limits on how much medical marijuana you can keep at home

Health Canada Allows you to Designate Someone to Grow for you

If you want the perks of your own medical plants but don’t want to grow yourself, you can actually designate someone to grow cannabis for you.

weed plant

This is especially helpful if you have no idea how to grow cannabis and have no interest in learning.

Getting an ACMPR license to grow is easier than you’d think

You might assume that getting a medical license to grow 463 plants would be difficult, but it’s actually fairly easy.

The process involves getting a medical marijuana prescription from a doctor, filling out some paperwork and sending it to Health Canada.

Once Health Canada processes and approves your application you can start growing.

Medical patients recommend hiring a medical marijuana service to help you out.

This way you can be sure to get the prescription size you’re hoping for, no matter if it’s 35 or 463 plants.