If you’re wondering whether or not it’s possible to get a medical marijuana card in Canada, the short answer is no. That’s because there is actually no such thing. What you are looking for is an ACMPR license

The ACMPR is a medical marijuana system that has been put in place and operates through the government’s Health Canada sector.

This gives Canadians from province to province access to medical marijuana, as well as the right to grow their own from the comforts of home.

Having an ACMPR license to buy is different than an ACMPR license to grow. You need a special prescription to obtain this coveted grow license. 

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    The ACMPR program does exactly what you would think the card would. It just doesn’t involve a physical “card” that you would carry around in your wallet.

    In other words, you won’t be receiving a laminated photo ID stating that you are legally allowed to buy medical weed in Canada when applying for an ACMPR license.

    Some licensed producers, and even some of the clinics that prescribe medical marijuana will give patients a card with their name, grams per day, and even a picture.

    The problem is these cards aren’t worth the paper or plastic they are printed on. They hold no legal value at all, and in fact, can give a medical patient a false sense of security.

    In American states where medical weed is legal, there is indeed such a thing. This is why there is so much confusion within Canada when it comes to receiving a medical license.

    But here in the Great White North, things work a bit differently in terms of access to medical cannabis. 

    For the purpose of this article, we will still call it a medical marijuana card, because that search is what brought you here, but remember it’s actually the ACMPR license you are after

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    The Real Deal with the Medical Marijuana Card

    OK, so we’ve already established that there’s no such thing as a magical weed card granting holders access to all the marijuana they could ever dream of.

    Technically, since legalization was officially passed in October 2018, purchasing weed became possible for anyone over the age of 19. No card required (other than a government-issued photo ID of course). 

    But we all know from experience that buying recreational weed from the government is not ideal. 

    First of all, it’s extremely expensive.

    Secondly, it’s generally very low in quality. If you’re going to be spending ~$50 for an eighth, you certainly don’t want to be smoking outdoor shwag. 

    Good weed vs bad weed

    There’s a Solution!

    Luckily, with the help of an ACMPR registration card, you won’t be subjected to those outrageous prices or forced to purchase black market weed.

    Since 2000, the government has allowed medical smokers to access their medicine through the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) program. 

    When you visit the Canada.ca website, you’ll see that you have two options for accessing medical weed:

    1. Getting cannabis from a licensed producer (LP)
    2. Production of cannabis for your own medical purposes

    Neither of these requires you to have a card. But you do need to obtain a prescription from a healthcare professional and follow specific government procedures.

    Whether you want to purchase from an LP or grow medical weed on your own, you’ll need to receive a medical document before anything else.

    This document can come from either a medical practitioner (doctor) or nurse practitioner (NP).  

    How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Canada

    The first step in getting your medical marijuana card in Canada – AKA and ACMPR license to purchase or grow – is to find a doctor or NP who prescribes weed

    The next part of the process depends on whether you’d like to buy your weed from a licensed producer or get your medical marijuana card for personal production. 

    If you opt for purchasing medical marijuana instead of growing, you simply need to register with a licensed producer (you can find the official list of LPs on the gov website). 

    To register for medical purchasing, you’ll complete the registration form specific to the LP of your choice.

    Then, send it along with your medical document to the Health Canada HQ.  

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    Why Growing Your Own is a Better Option

    Option #2 to gain full access to medical weed is to grow it your own.

    Receiving your personal use production license is a much better choice for a few reasons. 

    Growing your own plants gives you complete control over the strains you grow and how you do it.

    You can grow specifically for the treatment of trauma or for the purpose of creating potent edibles to treat chronic pain. The choice is entirely yours. 

    We’ve already mentioned the outlandish government weed prices. The second perk has to do with avoiding the high government price tag. 

    When you receive your medical marijuana card for home growing, you’ll save some major moolah in the long run. You won’t have to buy the overpriced government-grown bud from an LP ever again. 

    Cannabis Growing Canada guarantees your prescription to grow from a medical practitioner. To find out exactly how to get this done enter your email below for an instant reply with our prices and procedures. 

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      Applying for a Medical Marijuana Card to Grow in Ontario 

      Whether you’re on the hunt for a medical weed license in Ontario, Manitoba medical marijuana card, or a medical license to grow in Winnipeg, the steps for applying remain the same. 

      The ACMPR is a federal program, so it doesn’t matter where you live in Canada, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of home growing.  However, there are certain challenges when applying in Ontario vs applying in another province. 

      The main challenge is finding an Ontario-based doctor who is actually willing to write a medical weed prescription. Luckily, CGC can help you out in that department.

      The CGC doctors are willing to prescribe all hopeful ACMPR growers around the country (including Ontario residents) a medical marijuana prescription.

      In other words, you’ll never have to search around Toronto or Ottawa for a doctor to write a cannabis RX. We’ve got you covered.

      marijuana card toronto

      Apply Online for a Medical Marijuana Card to Grow 

      No matter if you live in western BC or eastern Ontario, the process for access to medical weed with a personal-use production license is different than the process for purchasing from an LP. 

      If growing is on your agenda, it is suggested that you partner with an ACMPR licensing service like Cannabis Growing Canada to help you along the way. We’ve already touched on the importance of receiving help with finding a doctor, but the process doesn’t end there. 

      Partnering with an ACMPR licensing service will help with everything from receiving a prescription to filling out the official application. It ultimately helps applicants to avoid any delays in getting licensed and get you growing ASAP. 

      With Cann Grow, there are four basic steps to receiving a medical grow license:

      Step 1: Submit Your Basic Info

      If you choose us as your ACMPR licensing company, the first step is to let us know you’re interested in receiving your license to grow. From there, you’ll have to check your email inbox to learn about the next steps. 

      Step 2: Receive Your Medical Document

      Don’t count on getting your medical marijuana grower’s license without a medical document from a professional healthcare practitioner. 

      To receive your medical document, we’ll set you up with a Skype appointment with a doctor or nurse practitioner. It only takes 5 minutes and you can do it from home. 

      There is literally no easier way to get your medical document for the ACMPR license to grow.

      Step 3: Complete the Official ACMPR Application

      Just as you need to fill out the LP’s paperwork when you want to purchase medical weed, you’ll need to fill out paperwork for growing your own. 

      These application forms can be a bit confusing, so always take your time and check over everything once it’s completed. 

      Step 4: Send in the Application to Grow

      Lastly, you’ll just need to send your paperwork for the medical marijuana card to grow in the mail.

      Be sure to send the original medical document that you received in Step 2 as well as the official application forms. 

      How Much Does the Process Cost?

      If you opt for growing your own, you’ll have to pay for the ACMPR licensing service costs from a qualified consultant. The medical marijuana card price for growing varies depending on the service you use, but CGC has the best prices in town.

      Don’t let the cost of the licensing service scare you away from using one. When you take into account the easier-than-ever process while using Cannabis Growing Canada, the price of the service is 100% worth it.

      Looking to get started growing your own medical marijuana right away? Fill in your email below for an instant reply with our prices and procedures

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