When the Cannabis Act came into play last October, there was a lot of excitement among recreational weed lovers around the country.

But these new laws didn’t just stir up excitement.

There were also a lot of questions about Health Canada ACMPR licenses and how medical marihuana services would be affected by the new laws.

The Cannabis Act didn’t just legalize recreational weed, it also brought about a few changes for medical marijuana patients and licensed growers.

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The good news is that these changes actually improve Canadians’ access to medical cannabis.

Whether you’re living in New Brunswick or Saskatchewan, these new improvements make things easier for ACMPR Canada license holders.

If you’re wondering about the new and existing regulations, check out these 5 things to know about medical marihuana and Health Canada.

Storage Limits

One of the biggest changes under the Cannabis Act has to do with storing your medical products.


Before October 2018, there were limits on how much weed you could store at home for medical purposes.

Now there are absolutely no limits; you can store as much as you want!

Whether it is 5 grams or 5 million grams, you can keep as much as you want at home with a medical marihuana license in Canada.

Public Possession Limits

There have actually been no changes to the public possession limits, but we’ll still refresh your memory on what they are.

Smoking weed in public

The recreational possession limit is 30 grams of dried cannabis, but if you are registered with Health Canada you can have much more than this.

As long as you have your license on you, you’re allowed to carry 150 grams or a 30-day supply of cannabis in public (whichever is less).

So if your prescription is for 2 grams per day, you can have 60 grams in public.

On top of this amount you can also have the allowed 30 grams for recreational purposes.

Renewing Your License

Questions about ACMPR renewal have been ongoing since the Cannabis Act was passed.

If you were already registered with Health Canada before October 17th, you don’t have to do anything until it is time to renew your license.

Your registration was automatically carried over to the new Cannabis Act rules.

growing weed indoors

When you apply to renew your Health Canada license, be sure to do it at least 2 months before the expiry date.

You probably know from your last license application that Health Canada officials like to take their time with license approvals.  

Give yourself plenty of time to renew so there is no gap in your medical grow op.

Accessing Cannabis from a Federally Licensed Seller (FLS)

This section is for any medical patients who are just purchasing their medical weed instead of growing it.

Here are the new improvements on the medical marihuana Health Canada regulations that apply to you:

  • You can request the return of your medical document from an FLS
  • You can request the transfer of your medical document to a different FLS
  • The effective date on the registration document will be the day of issue instead of the day the prescription was signed
  • There is no longer a 30-day limitation period for buying cannabis from an FLS (this means there will be no break in your medical cannabis supply)
  • More products are permitted under the new medical marihuana Health Canada rules
  • Access to a larger number of licensed producers and sellers. This allows for 3 things:
    • cheaper prices
    • greater supply of medical marijuana
    • A wider range of medical-grade products

Effective Document Dates

Before the Cannabis Act was passed, the effective date for your official Health Canada license was the day your doctor signed the prescription.

This meant that even if Health Canada took 4 months to approve your application, you would lose 4 months of growing time.


The new laws have changed this.

Instead of effectively starting the day your doctor signs the prescription, your license will start as soon as Health Canada gives approval.

You won’t lose out on growing time and can grow for the full year before having to renew your license.