Every grower knows that climate control is a major aspect of setting up the perfect grow op. Failing to control climate factors like temperature and humidity can lead to some major problems. 

We’re talking root rot, mold, over drying, and if things get really bad, the entire crop could be a dud. Luckily, you’re not on your own when it comes to controlling the climate of your grow room. 

A high-quality temperature and humidity controller helps to keep a grow room at the ideal temperature and humidity levels. These small devices work by keeping temp and humidity levels within a set value, allowing you to rest easy without worrying about your plants.

When you use one of the top 10 temperature and humidity controller devices on our list, your buds will turn out more potent, more flavourful, and more crystally than ever.


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Top Products Comparison Table

Considerations for Buying a Digital Temperature or Humidity Controller


How can you expect the system to successfully control climate if it can’t even deliver accurate grow room humidity and temp readings? You can’t, so focus on finding an accurate grow room controller before anything else.

Ease of Use

These controllers require a user to set temp/humidity values, go through calibration steps, and sometimes pair with a smartphone app. Even if you’re not the tech-savvy type, completing these tasks can be simple. In other words, using the device shouldn’t feel like rocket science.

Extra Features

Some growers feel that basic devices are the easiest to work with. But living in the 21st century means that you have the option for tons of cool features for your humidity temperature control device. 

So if you’re comfortable with using a WiFi temperature controller or a Bluetooth humidity device, by all means, go for it. 

Price & Warranty

It doesn’t matter if you’re the richest person in the world, there’s absolutely no need to spend hundreds on your temperature and humidity controller. Most of the best models cost less than $100, and a lot of them are even covered under warranty (usually for 1 year).

The Best Overall Grow Room Temperature and Humidity Controller 

Deciding on the best overall product to top our list was actually pretty simple. As all growers know, Inkbird is the go-to choice for climate control, so it makes sense that our #1 product is an Inkbird.

But there are soooo many Inkbirds to choose from (which becomes even more obvious from our list of products) that deciding on the best of them was the real challenge.


Inkbird Combination IHC200 & ITC308


Our #1 Choice
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Our #1 Choice
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Keeping those buying considerations in mind (accuracy, ease of use, features, and price), there’s one Inkbird that outshines the rest. We chose the Inkbird Combination IHC200 & HTC308 as the best temperature controller and humidity controller combo, and here’s why.

This device is super easy to use and amazingly accurate. The real reason that we recommend this as the best grow room controller, though, is that it controls BOTH temperature and humidity. 

Best Budget Controllers Available in Canada and the US

Grow room costs can add up quickly, but the good news is that controlling grow room climate on a budget is easy. Especially with one of these budget-friendly devices…


Baylite Temperature Controller BTC201 



Another affordable digital temperature controller for growers on a budget is the Baylite BTC201. It features a simplified, plug-and-play design that is easy to use and easy to set up. The dual relay output allows users to connect with cooling and heating equipment at the same time.

The device’s dual-window display shows the current room temperature in real-time, and it’s always accurate within ±0.5°C. When the grow room temperature over or undershoots the SV, the safe protection alarms will give you immediate alerts (but only if you want them to).


DIGITEN Digital Thermostat 



The durable DTC-151 device comes with a large glare-free LCD display that shows three separate temperatures (PV, RV, and SV). The temperature control range is from -40 to 120°C and it stays accurate within ±1°C. 

Programming the DIGITEN can be done in less than 3 minutes since there are only 2 program settings. The sensor cable is 6 ft long, which is a bit short for our liking, but for such an affordable price we’ll take what we can get.

The DTC-151 operates very similarly to the Inkbird ITC-308, but unfortunately it only supports one heating or cooling device at a time. 

Best Inkbird Temperature and Humidity Controllers in 2020

We’ve already expressed our love for Inkbirds, but we’ll go even further by dedicating an entire category just to Inkbird climate controllers. In this Inkbird Review, check out the best Inkbird temperature and humidity controllers that the entire CGC team recommends. 


Inkbird ITC-308 Digital Temperature Controller 



For growers who are only in the market for the best controller for temperature, our go-to choice is always and will always be the Inkbird ITC-308. It’s got the plug-and-play design, the easy-to-read LCD screen, and the signature Inkbird durability. 

This controller has room for two temperature-controlling devices, like a heater and a small AC unit. Not all grow room temperature controllers allow you to connect both heating and refrigeration units at one time, but this one does.

Growers across Canada say that the ITC-308 is a must-have tool, especially if your grow room is prone to temperature fluctuations. Just remember that the maximum output is 1100 watts, so try not to overload the controller with a high-wattage heater or AC. 


Inkbird Humidity Controller IHC200



The IHC200 humidity controller is another loved Inkbird product. It’s the best relative humidity controller on the market, and the only major flaw is that it doesn’t control temperature (but the easy solution is to buy the ITC308/IHC200 combo). 

You can set the humidity anywhere between 5 and 99.99%, but chances are you’ll be staying between 35 and 55% for your grow room. It’s easy to make the switch between humidification and dehumidification, and we love that the device works with both simultaneously.


Inkbird Temperature Controller ITC-608T 



Aside from the ITC308, the next best Inkbird temperature controller is the ITC-608T. It has a bit of an old-school design, but it’s definitely not lacking in durability. This model only comes with a temperature probe, so you’ll need to purchase an additional probe for humidity control.

The thing we love most about this controller is its high power output compared to other similar devices. Most climate controllers have a max output between 1100-1200W, but this one can handle up to 1800 watts. This makes it the best choice for heating/cooling devices with higher power consumption.


Inkbird Humidity Controller ITC-608T



This is basically the same product as the last one, but the main difference is that it comes with a greenhouse humidity controller probe instead of a temperature sensor. Just like the last ITC608T, this one has a high power output of 1800 watts. 

This ITC-608T allows you to use a humidifier, a dehumidifier, or both to control humidity in your grow room. The only thing we’re not loving? The humidity sensor isn’t waterproof, so be extra careful about sensor placement with this controller. 

Best Temperature Controller with WiFi

Having a WiFi-capable controller for temperature will make your life so much easier. You’ll be able to monitor the grow room temp, even if you’re not at home. The best WiFi controller, like the ITC-308 with WiFi, send alerts through a smartphone app to keep growers in the loop. 


Inkbird WiFi ITC-308 



We’ve already talked a lot about the ITC308, but tech-savvy growers prefer the more high-tech ITC308 WiFi temperature controller. It’s basically the same device as the traditional ITC308, but this one is compatible with the InkbirdSmart app (iOS and Android). 

It’s slightly more expensive because of this added feature, but it’s well worth the $15 more if you’re wanting to control/monitor temperature from a mobile device.


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The Absolute Best Controllers for the Master Grower 

Once you’ve hit the master grower level, investing in pricey high-tech equipment won’t seem like a big deal. You’ll start to focus on high-level growing techniques, like adding CO2 to your grow room. The following controllers are the best products for advanced growers. 


Titan Controls Spartan Digital Environmental Controller



The Titan Controls Spartan Series Digital Environment Controller is so much more than a controller with sensor probes. It’s an automatic digital device that controls ALL aspects of the environment. This not only includes temperature and humidity but also CO2 levels.

The most-loved feature of the 702851 is that it allows growers to set separate climate conditions for day and night. The timing outlet isn’t specifically labeled as a CO2 controller, but it can be used to run a CO2 generator if that’s something you plan for your grow room. 


Titan Controls 702851 Controller



Out of all the humidity and temperature controllers on this list, the best for large hydroponic settings is the Titan Controls 702851. It’s very similar to the last Spartan Series with a few minor differences.

The 15-ft remote sensor is perfect for large grow rooms, and master growers love the short cycle time for CO2 enrichment. The control panel can be a bit confusing at first, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it. 

How do temperature and humidity controllers work? 

A standard temperature and humidity controller monitors the climate with a sensor probe. You’ll set your ideal temperature and humidity ranges on the controllers LCD. Then, you’ll plug in your climate controlling devices, like an AC, heater, humidifier, or dehumidifier.

The probe will read the room’s temp/humidity, and if the climate strays from the set values, the controller will activate whichever device is needed to bring levels back to normal. So if the room is too humid, the dehumidifier will kick on, too cold and the heater will kick on.

What are the different types of temperature or humidity controllers? 

The best type of temperature and humidity control systems use the PID method, which stands for proportional integral derivative. We won’t get into all the technical stuff, but to give you an idea of its popularity, about 95% of controllers are the PID type.

grow op

What temperature and humidity should a grow room be? 

Plants have unique temperature and humidity requirements based on the phase of the grow op. To keep things simple, let’s focus on the flowering stage

While your plants are in the flowering stage, the optimal daytime temperature for cannabis ranges from 68 to 75°F. During the dark nighttime hours, it’s OK if temperatures drop below this a bit, but try to keep the climate above 60°F at all times. 

For humidity, finding the perfect balance is key. Humidity levels during the vegetative stage should be kept high, between 45 and 55%. During the flowering phase, they should be lowered to prevent mold and root rot. The ideal level is around 35 and 45% while the plants are flowering. 


If you’re still in doubt about which climate controller to use with your ACMPR grow, don’t underestimate the power of a well-made Inkbird. Inkbird has always and will always be the #1 provider of climate controllers for growers. You can’t go wrong with the two-in-one ITC308/IHC200 combo.


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