A high percentage of ACMPR growers in Canada are turning to marijuana greenhouse growing, and it’s no surprise as to why. Growing marijuana in a greenhouse comes with a unique set of benefits that outdoor/indoor growing can’t offer, including: 

  • Better lighting control
  • Better weather and climate control
  • Easier life cycle manipulation
  • Yearround growing (with advanced greenhouses)
  • More energy conservation

The advantages of growing soil or hydroponic greenhouse marijuana are definitely there, but finding the right greenhouse isn’t always easy. This Canadian grower’s guide to choosing a high-quality greenhouse for ACMPR grow ops can help. 

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How to Choose a Marijuana Growing Greenhouse

Before choosing a marijuana greenhouse, you have to decide if greenhouse growing is even right for you. The main question to ask yourself is whether or not you have enough space to install a greenhouse structure. 

If the answer is yes, the next step is to determine the exact location and size that is right for you (but more importantly, your plants). On top of that, you need to land on the type of greenhouse structure; here we’ve covered basic pop-up setups that are great for backyard growing.

Things to Consider When Buying a Greenhouse for Growing Marijuana

We don’t want to overwhelm you with too many greenhouse buying considerations, but the reality is that there’s a lot to think about for growing greenhouse medical marijuana. Here are the main things you should be considering as you shop around:

Greenhouse Size/Location

The greenhouses we’ve suggested are all fairly small, which makes them perfect options for backyard medical grows. But if you’re license allows you to grow hundreds of plants or you’re buddying up with other growers, you’ll need a larger greenhouse structure. 

For choosing the location, think about the environmental factors that could potentially affect your plants. You can protect the structure from wind damage by placing it along a row of trees or fenceline, and you’ll be able to get the ideal amount of sunlight with proper placement.

Greenhouse Type

Every marijuana greenhouse design is different, but it’s mostly based on the greenhouse type. Entry-level growers and growers with small plant counts often choose the pop-up or cold frame greenhouse type, but there’s also the option to build a freestanding structure. 

Growing Level of Expertise

A commercial marijuana greenhouse will look much different from the best greenhouse for growing 6 marijuana plants. Not just in terms of size, but also overall features. For example, advanced growers opt for diffused panels (rather than clear ones) since it’s better for heat distribution.


We’re talking about growing in Canada here, which means every marijuana greenhouse setup needs to be insulated against extreme cold weather. This is especially important if you plan on growing marijuana in a greenhouse year-round. And don’t forget about the importance of proper ventilation!

Best Overall Greenhouse for Growing Marijuana in Your Backyard

If you’re hoping to start growing in your backyard but want to have control of your climate and aren’t a fan of pesky critters, you need a high-quality greenhouse system – like the ShelterLogic GrowIT.

ShelterLogic GrowIT Greenhouse-In-a-Box  



This is not only one of the best indoor marijuana greenhouse kits on the market, but it also comes in two different size options (6’x8′ and 10’x10′). The Greenhouse-In-a-Box is constructed with a steel frame and roll-up side panels with half-moon vents at each end.

The ventilation of the ShelterLogic greenhouse is actually the thing we love most since it helps to promote optimal airflow and temperature. The ShelterShock stabilizers add to the greenhouse’s strength and durability are a nice addition as well. It’s pricey, but it’s worth the money.

Best Pop Up Greenhouses for Marijuana

Investing in a pop-up greenhouse for marijuana plant doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor. With a pop-up greenhouse, you’ll be able to quite literally “pop up” an affordable outdoor grow space within minutes. And best of all, it won’t break the bank.

Outsunny 8’x6’x7′ Walk-In Greenhouse  



The Outsunny pop-up greenhouse is made from high-quality, water-resistant plastic covering that comes with grid threading. The front door can be rolled up for easy access to plants, and set up can literally be done in 5 minutes – no tools necessary.

Best Greenhouses for Small Grow

If you’ve got a 7g per day ACMPR license, there’s absolutely no need for a huge marijuana greenhouse. For small grams-per-day licenses, a small 5’x5’ walk-in greenhouse should suffice. 

Ohuhu Greenhouse for Outdoors 



Some growers call the Ohuhu a micro greenhouse for marijuana, but it’s the perfect size for 5, 7, and 10 grams per day licenses. Sure, it’s small, but the 4.9’x4.7’x6.4′ greenhouse offers plenty of space, especially with its integrated shelving system.

It’s constructed from the same water-resistant, transparent plastic that the Outsunny is made with. Each side “wall” of the Ohuhu comes with a viewing window, and the roll-up door makes it easy to get in and get your hands dirty. 

ShelterLogic 70600 Peak Style Backyard Greenhouse  



The 6’x8′ ShelterLogic may be small, but it’s not lacking in durability. It comes with a 1-inch high-grade steel frame that is designed to withstand chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion. The heat-bonded translucent cover is completely waterproof and UV-treated for added protection.

One thing we especially love about this backyard greenhouse is the diffused light design. The opaque plastic works to reduce shadows and sun scorching and helps to evenly distribute light throughout the greenhouse. 

Best Greenhouses for an ACMPR Backyard Grow

Medical growing with a large ACMPR license – let’s say 95 grams per day – is a major operation. For a large ACMPR backyard grow that is protected from the elements, you’ll need a sturdy, spacious greenhouse like the Outsunny Large Walk-In.

Outsunny 11.5′ x10′ x 6.7′ Walk-In Greenhouse Garden 


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The first Outsunny we covered was just 8’x6′, but this one has a massive floor space of 11.5’x10′ and a height of 6.7′. That means no more hunching over to access your medical plants. It’s reinforced with a rust-resistant steel frame and the wall material is sturdy yet easy to handle.

The thing we love most about this Outsunny greenhouse is its amazing ventilation. Your plants will get plenty of fresh air with the Outsunny’s 6 windows, which can easily be opened and closed. Even though this is a fairly large greenhouse, it weighs just under 38 pounds. 

Best Greenhouses for a Commercial Marijuana Grow

Technically ACMPR growers are not meant to grow commercially. But if you have a large license or you and your buddies want to grow under the same roof, it’s worth it to invest in one of the best greenhouses for commercial marijuana grow.

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Outsunny 20’x10’x7’ Heavy Duty Walk-In 



Looking for a top-rated 10 x 20 greenhouse to buy for marijuana? The Outsunny Heavy-Duty Walk-In greenhouse is the perfect solution. It offers 200 square feet of floor space, making this dome-style greenhouse is perfect for large license holders.

The transparent cover allows for the perfect amount of sunlight, and the steel frame can withstand the strongest gusts of wind. Not every grower loves the dome-style greenhouse shape, especially tall individuals who aren’t fans of crouching down. Another drawback is that there are no viewing windows, but the sliding doors make it easy to get in and out.

ShelterLogic GrowIT  



We’ve got one more ShelterLogic to add to the list, and this one is perfect for commercial-level grows and ACMPR growers 70, 80, and 95-gram-per-day licenses. It has the same floor space as the Outsunny (200 square feet), but it’s more like a pentagonal shape than a dome. 

Like the other ShelterLogic GrowIt greenhouses, this one’s got a steel frame, roll-up side panels, half-moon vents, and ShelterLock stabilizers for added durability. Sadly, this is not what you would call affordable, so budget growers should look elsewhere.

How does a greenhouse work and why do you need one?

Marijuana greenhouse growing is all about harnessing the power of the sun. This isn’t possible with indoor growing, and growing outdoors means that you have no control over climate conditions. 

With greenhouse growing, you’ll not only be able to use natural sunlight, but you’ll also have much more control over climate factors. Here’s how it all works: 

When sunlight passes through the greenhouse walls, the internal structure is kept warm – even if the outside air temperature is cold (making it perfect for Canada greenhouse marijuana). 

The air remains warm because the cannabis plants and soil release heat energy in the form of infrared radiation, and if the greenhouse is properly sealed, this energy can’t escape. 

There are many benefits to greenhouse growing, but the main one is that you’ll be able to cultivate throughout the year. Now keep in mind that growing marijuana in a greenhouse year-round requires additional lights since the days are much shorter in the wintertime.

Year-round growing isn’t the only advantage of using a greenhouse. You’ll have more control over lighting and climate conditions like temperature and humidity. Plus, a greenhouse is way more energy and cost-efficient than an indoor grow op.

greenhouse for growing marijuana

How to Set Up a Greenhouse for Growing Marijuana

Every backyard marijuana greenhouse design will be different depending on a grower’s land layout and greenhouse size. The main thing to remember is that one size does not fit all. 

Here are some helpful tips for planning your cannabis greenhouse grow: 

  • Don’t make things more complicated than they need to be. Even the simplest layout can lead to a hefty marijuana greenhouse yield. 
  • Stay aware of your area’s wind/snow/sunlight patterns – this will help you to pick the best location possible. 
  • Be extra mindful about monitoring and controlling the temperature in the colder months.
  • Be willing to make changes to the setup after you start growing – the most successful growers are adaptable. 
  • Always, always, always add security features – and we’re not referring to keeping out pesky animals, but also thieving humans.

What temperature should your greenhouse be?

Just as you would expect from a plant that originates from the warm subcontinents, the optimum greenhouse temperature for marijuana fluctuates between 70 and 80°F (21-26°C). Plants are happiest in this temperature range, and happy plants mean greater yields. 

Even in cold weather, the sun’s heat combined with the natural heat given off by the plants (we call that the greenhouse effect) should be plenty to keep your plants warm. For optimal marijuana greenhouse humidification, try to keep the humidity around 40% during flowering


Growing marijuana in a greenhouse has so many benefits, especially for ACMPR growers in Canada who aren’t trying to spend thousands on indoor growing costs. 

Our top pick is the GrowIt Greenhouse-In-a-Box by ShelterLogic, but you can’t go wrong with any of the greenhouses on this list. Just one more thing to note about greenhouse growing…

There’s been a lot of confusion on whether or not growing in a greenhouse is considered indoor or outdoor. We’ve gotten a lot of questions about this at CGC, so here’s what HealthCanada has to say about it:

“If the structure is a solid permanent structure (has a roof, solid frame, foundation, a door) and is available year long, it is considered indoor. If the greenhouse is a temporary, seasonal greenhouse that is not a permanent structure, which can be easily moved, it is considered outdoor.”

Hopefully, that clears up any confusion so that you can start greenhouse growing with your ACMPR license!

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