There has been tons of buzz going on about CBD and the health benefits that come along with it. This is especially true within Canada where you can now smoke and grow legally throughout the country.

More is being said about CBD and its medical marijuana benefits, but not all of this information is true. Wondering what’s fact and what’s fiction? Here you can find 4 common myths about CBD and what is actually true.

Myth #1: CBD is completely non psychoactive.

There is a common assumption that CBD is completely non psychoactive.

Everyone thinks that THC is the only cannabinoid that actually provides psychoactive effects. You have probably been told that the higher the THC content in your bud, the more chance of actually getting high.

For this reasons most recreational marijuana smokers turn to high-THC strains.

The term “psychoactive” does not necessarily mean feelings of being high, stoned, or baked. Psychoactive refers to anything that alters your normal brain functioning.

CBD can affect the brain in a variety of ways; it can alleviate anxious thoughts, elevate your mood, and help with hyperactivity.

Truth: Since CBD alters how the brain functions, we can’t call it completely non psychoactive. Sure, it won’t get you high like THC but it can improve brain functioning in tons of ways.

Myth #2: CBD is Only Used by Medical Patients

We just mentioned that CBD isn’t known for getting you high.

This is why a lot of people assume that it is strictly for medical use. Yes, it is a great treatment option for tons of medical conditions, but is that all it is good for?

Truth: CBD can be used recreationally as well!

Some cannabis users love certain effects of cannabis but prefer not to feel stoned all the time. CBD can help you to relax, make you more alert, and even increase your productivity levels.

Myth #3: CBD is extremely sedating.

A lot of people avoid CBD because they have heard it is basically a sedative.

Plants high in CBD can indeed make you sleepy, but it isn’t actually the CBD that is causing you to feel sedated.

Truth: Strains high in CBD can also be high in a terpene called myrcene. Myrcene has some sedating effects, so this is what is causing your feelings of sedation.

So go right ahead and get your Health Canada growing license to start growing non-sedating CBD plants.

Myth #4: CBD is legal everywhere in North America.

This is a huge misconception that has been going around the United States for a while now. Even though weed is now legal all throughout Canada and much of the US, it isn’t actually legal everywhere in North America.

Truth: Now that recreational cannabis is legal in Canada, you can legally get your CBD products from Health Canada licensed producers.

But this is not the case everywhere in North America.

Just because recreational weed is legal in tons of American states, always check the laws first before purchasing CBD in the US.

So what’s true about CBD?

Whether you are looking for a medical marijuana clinic in Toronto or trying to get your medical marijuana license in Ontario to grow, CBD is legal everywhere in Canada.

It has tons of health benefits and can treat everything from anxiety to ADHD.