If you’re like us and you’re all about making your medical grow op as easy as possible, you’ll love everything about indoor grow kits. The best grow kits include everything you’ll need to make your grow op a success – even simple pieces of equipment like pots and measuring tools. 

Complete grow kits typically include major equipment like a tent, lighting system, ventilation ducts. But they also come with all the odds and ends that some growers forget to add to the list before visiting a local hydroponics shop.

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How to Choose a Marijuana Growing Kit

Even though they generally include the same pieces of equipment, there are some major differences between indoor grow kits available in Canada. First off, grow tent sizes vary from kit to kit, and the same goes for the type of lighting (like LED vs HPS).

To choose a complete kit that’s right for you, you’ll first want to consider the specifics of your grow. Determine things like optimal tent size, light type, budget, and whether you need a starter kit or something more suited to advanced growing. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Grow Kit

We’ve already touched on the basic considerations for buying a grow kit, but let’s get into the nitty-gritty details.

Complete Kit vs Mix-&-Match

The majority of grow kits are marketed as “complete”, which basically just means that you could grow a decent crop without buying anything else. But what if you already have a few components to running a successful grow op?

In that case, you’d want to go with a mix-and-match kit that allows you to pick and choose the specific components you need. However, our suggestion is to go with a complete kit, even if you already have some random pieces of grow equipment.

Even if you have a few grow room bits and pieces already, it’s not a bad idea to have some extra equipment on hand. That way you won’t be in a bind if a bulb goes out, a rope hanger starts fraying, or you run out of nutrients unexpectedly.

Light Type

The majority of products we’ll cover come as LED grow tents kits, which means that the lighting system is an energy-efficient LED. But if you’re looking for more intense light, you also have the option for HPS grow light kits or CMH kits.

We’ve done a lot of comparison between different light types, so you probably already know that each type of lighting system has pros and cons. It’s up to you to do your research and determine which type of lighting your plants will benefit from most, then choose your kit accordingly. 

Light Size & Wattage

On top of the light type, you’ll also want to think about the wattage and coverage area. The majority of indoor grow kits come with 4×4 tents or smaller, so you won’t need an outrageously huge light with a high wattage.

Before deciding between 1000 watt grow light kits or 250-watt lights, consider your coverage area. Light coverage depends on both wattage and light type (a 600W HPS will provide more coverage than a 600W LED).


Buying a complete kit is the most cost-effective way of doing things, especially for new growers who are just learning the ropes and don’t know much about lighting, nutrients, etc.

That being said, the prices of the best weed growing kits are all over the board, so you’ve got to set your budget and go from there. Cheap grow tent kits are perfect for beginner ACMPR growers or recreational growers with 4 plants.

Best Overall Grow Kit

For choosing the best overall grow kit, we’ve kept all of the buying considerations in mind like budget, light type, included components. On top of that, we’ve chosen a kit that ranks high in quality and durability, and there’s one that rules all.

BloomGrow 800W LED + 4×4 Tent



The BloomGrow LED grow light kits come with all the major pieces of equipment needed to harvest healthy cannabis plants. The 4×4 tent size is the most popular among ACMPR growers since it’s the perfect size for small grams-per-day licenses. 

Even if you have a 70, 80, or 90 g/day medical grow license, this is the perfect setup for seedlings, mothers, and clones. Aside from the tent, the BloomGrow also comes with an 800W LED grow light, a 6” inline fan with ducting, and a carbon filter. 

One thing we love about this grow kit is the quality of the grow tent. There are so many tents on the market that are flimsy and cheap, but that’s not the case with this one. The inside is lined with 96% reflective waterproof mylar and the heavy-duty zippers won’t snag. 

Best Beginner Package and Starter Kit

Grow starter kits are a great choice for beginners, both for medical and recreational growing. The best beginner-friendly packages come with a small tent that has space for a few plants, an easy-to-use light, and a simple venting system. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get a carbon filter. 

BloomGrow 800W LED + Small Tent



This BloomGrow is pretty much the same as the last one, but the tent is slightly smaller. It comes with the same 800W LED, the same ducting system, and the same carbon filter. But instead of a 4×4 tent, you’ll be getting a 32” x 32” grow tent. 

This might sound like an incredibly small space, but it’s a great starter size for new growers – or you can use it as a seedling/clone room for a larger grow op. The feature that’s best for beginners is the user-friendly full-spectrum light that’s easy to hang and adjust.

Best Energy Efficient Grow Kits

Grow tents kits range in energy efficiency, but the ones with the most energy-efficient design come with low-wattage LEDs. We’re talking 250-300 watts, which isn’t ideal for large coverage areas, but it’s perfect for a small 2×2 tent.

BloomGrow 300W LED + 2×2 Tent



This next BloomGrow comes with all the features we just mentioned – a highly-efficient 300W LED and a small 2×2 tent, but that’s not all it comes with. Like the other BloomGrow products, it includes a ducting system for ventilation and a carbon filter for removing skunky odors. 

The full spectrum design of the light means that it can be used in any phase of growth, starting from seedlings and ending with potent, sticky buds. Another thing that adds to this kit’s efficiency is the 96% reflectivity of the tent’s mylar, so you’ll never have to worry about wasted light.

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Best Grow Kits for Growing 4 Plants Indoors

Ever since the Cannabis Act came into effect, more and more Canadians have been testing their green thumbs with cannabis cultivation. Recreational growers have to cap their plant count at 4, which is why so many medical patients apply for higher plant counts with the ACMPR. 

But if you’re OK with just 4 plants, there’s one kit that we recommend above all others – especially if you’re looking for an all-inclusive deal with everything from nutrients to timers. 

Complete Grow Kit from Indo



When Indo Product Inc. describes this product as complete, that’s exactly what they mean. Not only does it come with a 4×2 grow tent and two 400W LED lights, but it also includes a full ventilation system, a digital temp/humidity display, and three bottles of nutrients. 

Since this is a complete kit, the price is significantly higher than the others. It’s up to you to decide whether the convenience factor makes up for the high price tag, but in our opinion, it does. You’ll just have to buy grow room odds and ends like pots, grow medium, and timers. 

Best Grow Kits on a Budget

Buying an indoor grow kit doesn’t have to break the bank, but just try to avoid the “Made in China” cheap grow kits for weed. There are much better, North American manufactured kits that don’t come with flimsy tents or unreliable lights – like the PrimeGarden grow kit. 

PrimeGarden Hydroponic Grow Kit



Out of the wide selection of complete hydroponic grow kits on the market, PrimeGarden is our favourite for a few reasons. First of all, it’s insanely affordable and you get a lot for what you pay for. It includes a 32” x 32” tent, a 4” ducting system including carbon filter, and a 300W LED. 

The only thing we don’t love about the PrimeGarden kit is its plastic tent components. We’re not saying that they aren’t sturdy, just that they can’t compare to steel tent rods. But for the price, this small downside is easy to overlook. 

What equipment is needed for an indoor grow room?

New growers are actually shocked to learn the insane amount of equipment that is needed for successfully growing cannabis plants. Indoor growing is popular in Canada where the climate doesn’t always agree with weed plants, it’s an entirely different ballgame from growing outside. 

The main thing to remember about growing indoors is that climate control is extremely important, and there are a lot of moving parts to controlling climate. It’s not just about temperature and humidity, but also lighting, ventilation, pH balance, and nutrients. 

The obvious pieces of equipment you need for indoor growing are a grow tent (or reflective material for grow room), lights, and of course, seeds. Here are a few more essential things you can’t go without: 

  • Extraction fans for ventilation
  • Circulating fans for airflow
  • Carbon filters for reducing odor
  • Grow media like soil, rock wool, or coco coir
  • Liquid fertilizer/nutrients
  • Varying size pots (small for seedlings, large for flowering)
  • Timers, rope hangers, tape, etc. 
  • Temperature/humidity controllers (preferably Inkbirds)
  • pH/PPM meter (preferably Bluelab)
  • Pure water (or RO system for creating pure water)

small indoor grow

What’s included in a complete grow kit?

It really depends on which one you buy, but most complete grow kits are just that…Complete. Take the Complete Grow Kit from Indo as an example. It comes with everything you could possibly need to grow a few plants.

This includes a small grow tent, a full spectrum LED light, a full ventilation system (inline fan, filter, ducting, clamps, timers, etc.), temp/humidity displays, a surge-protected power strip, and nutrients. All you need to provide is water and you’re good to go. 

Some of the products on this list of best weed growing kits are not considered “complete” – they only include the major pieces of equipment, like a tent, grow light, and venting system. This is the case for all of the BloomGrow LED grow kits.

This might be the better choice if you’ve got specific nutrients you like to use or you already have certain components of the grow op, like an Inkbird temp/humidity controller


It’s often thought that grow kits are specifically meant for beginner growers. Sure, kits make the process a whole lot easier for those new to growing, but even the pros turn to complete kits since they’re a great solution for seeds and clones.

On top of that, some growers feel that investing in indoor grow kits is the lazy way of doing things, but it’s actually a really smart investment. As long as you do your research and choose a high-quality kit that meets your tent size/light type and wattage needs, we say go for it. 


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