Cannabis Act in Canada – Everything you Need to Know

Canada Cannabis Act

Everyone is wondering, what is the Cannabis Act, and how will it affect me? The idea of cannabis legalization throughout Canada has been in the works for years, and people have mixed feelings about it. Stricter punishments for those on the grey market side, but the freedom to get as high as we want for those of us following the … Read More

Saskatchewan Cannabis Rules – Everything you Need to Know

Saskatchewan Cannabis Rules

The province of Saskatchewan is in the heart of Canada and has so much to offer. Within the province you’ll find the scenic Prince Albert National Park, Grasslands National Park, and Wascana Centre on the lake. If weed is your thing, you’ll love exploring these natural wonders after indulging in a joint of the best Canadian weed around. Now that … Read More

Prince Edward Island Cannabis Rules – Everything you Need to Know

PEI Cannabis rules

Prince Edward Island is one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces, and not just because it on the water. This island province is home to popular outdoor attractions like Prince Edward Island National Park and Confederation Bridge. But that’s not all the area has to offer; as of October 17th, you can also find legal recreational weed here. The Canada government … Read More

Nova Scotia Cannabis Rules – Everything You Need to Know

Nova Scotia Cannabis Rules

Nova Scotia is considered by some to be paradise. Home to some of the most stunning landscape and coastline in all of North America. Whether you live here or are just visiting, be sure to visit Citadel Hill while you’re exploring the streets of Halifax and Cape Breton Highlands National Park for hiking along the coast. Another popular attraction for … Read More

New Brunswick Cannabis Rules – Everything You Need to Know

New Brunswick Cannabis Rules

One of Canada’s eastern provinces, New Brunswick is jam-packed with fun things to do. There are national and provincial parks, cascading waterfalls, whitewater rapids, and plenty of historical sites. But most importantly? There is now legal recreational cannabis throughout the province! Before you visit popular attractions around the province like Hopewell Rocks, Reversing Falls, and Fundy National Park roll up … Read More

Newfoundland Cannabis Rules – Everything You Need to Know

Newfoundland Cannabis Rules

If you live in Canada’s Newfoundland and Labrador province or have ever visited, you are probably aware of it’s stunning natural beauty. The area is home to Gros Morne National Park, Western Brook Pond, and Signal Hill that every outdoor lover will love. And what better way to enjoy the outdoors and brisk mountain air than to light up a … Read More

Manitoba Cannabis Rules – Everything You Need to Know

Canada Cannabis Act

The stunning Canadian province of Manitoba is a top tourist destination for so many reasons, now it gets even better; recreational weed is now legal here. Before you light up, it’s best to know the Manitoba Cannabis Rules that will keep you out of trouble.  The Canadian government recently passed laws to legalize weed throughout the nation, and Manitoba is … Read More

Quebec Cannabis Rules – Everything you Need to Know

Quebec Cannabis Rules

The exciting news broke on October 17th of this year for Canadians…recreational marijuana is now legal throughout the nation! If you are from Quebec, you are probably wondering what the Quebec Cannabis Rules are. This legislation has been in the works for a while, and now that the day has finally come Canadians everywhere are rolling joints, taking bong hits, … Read More

British Columbia Cannabis Rules – Everything you Need to Know

BC cannabis rules

Big things are in store for Canada right now, especially in the cannabis capital of BC. Let’s discuss the British Columbia Cannabis Rules and how they will affect you. Since the government legalized recreational marijuana on October 17th of this year, Canadian citizens and foreigners around the world are excited to start smoking some ganja throughout the country. But even though … Read More

Alberta Cannabis Rules – Everything you Need to Know

Canada Cannabis Act

If you are from Alberta, you are probably wondering what the Alberta Cannabis Rules are. Even though weed is now legal everywhere in Canada, each province differs slightly on its laws for using, buying, and growing. Check out everything you need to know about the Alberta cannabis rules and what to look out for when you travel here. Also check … Read More