The Cannabis Act in Canada has been in place for nearly half a year, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that there is still some groundwork to be made in legalizing recreational marijuana.


The Act as it is now states that although it is perfectly legal to consume edibles, it is still illegal to purchase them recreationally.


CBD oil for dogs is legal, so when will cannabis-infused food and beverage products follow suit? Here is everything you need to know on the status of edible legalization in Canada.

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What Health Canada is Saying About Edible Legalization


Health Canada has officially told us to mark our calendars for the legalization of edibles. Well, they haven’t actually given an official date but HC is confident that it will be before (or on) October 17th, 2019.


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The official draft of regulations is being reviewed right now, but as you know things tend to move at a snail’s pace within the government. Don’t expect to be legally purchasing your recreational edibles anytime soon.


How will edibles be regulated once legalized?


The draft of Health Canada regulations as it is now is filled with tons laws and bylaws on what purchasing recreational edibles will look like. Here are just a few of those proposed regulations:


  • A single serving of THC will be limited to 10mg (a low to moderate dose)
  • Each serving must be individually wrapped
  • Cannabis-infused beer won’t be allowed to contain alcohol and cannabis-infused coffee will be limited on its amount of caffeine


Why so many regulations?


Since it is essentially impossible to overdose on an edible, a lot of people ask this question. Why invest so much time in making these laws when weed provides literally no danger to adults?


Keeping It Out of the Wrong Hands


The main concern for the government is to keep edibles out of the wrong hands. Particularly the curious little hands of children who might see a lollipop and not understand that it is not just a normal lollipop.


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This is the main reason for all laws surrounding recreational weed, not just the legislation being drafted on edibles. The government is trying to set a clear path for how edibles can be purchased, used and stored by adults in order to keep kids from accessing them.


Edibles Affect the Body Differently


Consuming edibles is completely unlike smoking a joint. With smoking, the effects hit hard and they hit fast. With edible consumption, this isn’t the case at all.


When you smoke a joint, blunt, or spliff, the smoke enters your lungs and then is transferred into your bloodstream. This is why you feel it almost instantly.


When you eat an edible, your stomach digests it like it would your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack for the day. It takes much longer for you to feel the effects, sometimes as long as an hour.


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There are lots of impatient people in the world, and if they don’t feel the effects of a weed treat after 15 minutes they’ll be tempted to have another dose.


The government wants to set the record straight with its regulations that eating an edible is a completely different ballgame from other forms of weed consumption.

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What is expected to happen to the weed industry?


It is no surprise that the edibles industry is expected to experience a HUGE boom as soon as the legislation is passed. One statistic says that by 2022, it will be $4 billion industry.


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At the moment tons of people are trying to get in on this $4 billion. It is expected to be a major moneymaker, and the government is already accepting applications for who will legally be allowed to sell cannabis-infused edibles.


Will the black market continue to exist?


Yes, this is inevitable. The black market might even thrive more than it is now after edible legalization is passed. The regulations around edibles are expected to be extremely strict, and some people won’t want to deal with them.


To avoid these regulations they’ll just buy their edibles from illegal sources supplying the black market instead. Who wants to be limited to 10mg THC per serving when they know that the human body is capable of handling much more?


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Not to mention, the black market is always the cheaper option since you won’t be bombarded with government taxes on your THC gummies or CBD choco bar.


Is there an alternative to waiting until legalization?


Absolutely. When you apply for a Health Canada ACMPR license to grow you’ll have free reign to grow your own medical plants.


When the process is done properly and you find the right doctor to write your medical prescription, you could be allowed to grow 493 indoor plants.


Once these plants are harvested, the stunning sticky buds can be used however you like, and this includes making THC or CBD-infused edibles.


Through the medical grow process you’ll have complete control of how you use your weed, even if you want to whip up some cannabutter to be used for sweet baked goods and savory dishes.  


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