If you’re a fan of drinking a hoppy IPA followed by smoking a fat joint the newest weed trend might just be for you. No matter if you grow your own weed or you’re just a social smoker, you’ll like what we’re about to tell you.  

The up-and-coming craze among Canadian cannabis lovers taps into the best of both worlds: craft weed and craft beer. Canadians will soon be able to combine the two by sipping on a cannabis-infused lager, stout, or IPA.

The concept of cannabis-infused beer is relatively new but it is gaining traction throughout the provinces like rapid fire. Here you can learn the facts about “weed beer” – some might surprise you.

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Say what?! There’s not actually alcohol in cannabis-infused beer?

Yes, you heard us right. There isn’t actually any alcohol within your cannabis-infused beer. It will smell like beer, taste like beer and go down like beer but it won’t get you drunk like beer.

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According to a Canadian news source, “whatever the cannabis drinks are they won’t contain any alcohol: mixing booze and pot will still be a no-no come edible legalization. That means the drinks produced could be anything from fruit juice-based concoctions to de-alcoholized beer…”

Why can’t it contain alcohol?

There has probably been a time in your life when you sipped on a few beers and then proceeded to roll a joint to end the evening off right.

Non Alcoholic Cannabis Beer

And nothing bad happened. In fact it might have helped with your hangover the next day. So you’re probably wondering what the deal is with the “no alcohol in cannabis-infused beer” rule.

Although it is usually OK to combine the two – we’re not sayin we recommend it – it wouldn’t be a good idea to combine the two in one sippable beverage.

Tonic says that “if you drink first and then smoke, it causes the levels of THC in your plasma to skyrocket, intensifying your high. That’s because alcohol opens up blood vessels in your digestive system, which helps THC get absorbed.”

When you’re not used to mixing the two the high could be overwhelming. This is the main reason that the government won’t allow alcohol-based THC beverages and probably never will. There might come a time when CBD and alcohol can be combined, but not for the foreseeable future.

So what’s the point then?

If you truly consider yourself a lover of all things craft beer then you understand that the main objective of drinking isn’t necessarily to get drunk (at least not always).

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You’ll still get the chance to enjoy a professionally-brewed craft beer but with a high instead of drunk effect.

Some researchers even say it could actually decrease alcoholism rates among Canadians. Think about it, we all have a habit that can be hard to kick.

Some people fall into the habit of drinking an absurd amount of beer. Soon they’ll be able to this while reaping the health benefits of weed instead of destroying their livers.

Is cannabis-infused beer even legal?

Even though it is officially legal to smoke weed in Newfoundland, BC, Prince Edward Island and everywhere else in Canada, it is not yet legal to purchase cannabis-infused beer.

This is because the beverage technically falls under the category of edibles and regulations for recreational edibles haven’t been approved yet.

When will these regulations be approved?

Be patient, the time will come. Health Canada has released the draft of regulations for legalizing edibles but this could take a while to go through.


The government is estimating edible legalization to happen sometime in October 2019, about one year after the Cannabis Act became official (read more about it here).  

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Who will be able to produce craft beer? Sell it?

As long as companies have applied and been approved for the right licenses they’ll be able to produce or sell cannabis-infused beer.

Both big-name and small-time brewers are applying for Health Canada licenses to infuse THC and CBD oils into their beers. The only difference in how these beverages are brewed is that they will have to be de-alcoholized to stay within regulations.

Come October 2019 look out for cannabis-infused beer products from Molson Coors, Collective Arts Brewing in Hamilton, and Toronto’s Cool Brewing Company.

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Will cannabis-infused beer actually get you high?

It certainly won’t be like smoking from the stash you grew with your Health Canada grow op license, but yes it can still get you high.

This ultimately depends on whether the beer contains THC or CBD. As all cannabis enthusiasts know THC is the compound that gets you high and CBD does not.

So if you want to get high from sipping on your “cannabeer” you’ll need to find one containing THC. If getting baked isn’t your thing you can still experience tons of health benefits of CBD-infused beer.  

Will this beverage taste like beer, weed, or both?

When properly brewed your weed-beer should taste like any beer you would drink from a bar or craft brewery. The point of eating or drinking your weed isn’t to actually taste the cannabis.

Let’s face it, weed doesn’t taste all that wonderful. It’s not like you would ever want to munch on cannabis-flavored potato chips. This is why brewers are doing whatever it takes to eliminate any weedy flavors from the beer.

Just like any lager or pale ale you’ll be able to taste the underlying flavors of what the beer is brewed with – like grapefruit, lemongrass, or cocoa. You’ll also be able to appreciate the hoppiness if that’s what you’re into.

Not a beer fan? Try cannabis-infused coffee instead

Your love for weed can be fulfilled in so many different ways. Heck, people are even using cannabis “butt pills” to treat common health problems.

We highly recommend you give some sort of edible or cannabis-enhanced beverage a try. It is the perfect way to ingest your weed if you also want to sit around with your friends and be social.

If you’re not onboard the cannabeer train, try out cannabis-infused coffee instead. In weed beer the alcohol is completely removed but with weed coffee you’ll still be able to get your daily fix of caffeine.

Would you ever try cannabis-infused beer? What about a cold brew coffee infused with CBD or THC? Tell us what you think about this trend that will soon take over Canada!

Alternatively, if you’re looking for some medical marijuana, take a look at our articles on Canna Clinics and other Cannadian Cannabis Clinics.


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